‘In Mourning’ & ‘Hypersonic’ Confirmed to Play ‘Brainstorm Festival’ In November, Promo Video Available


With the return of In Mourning (S) and with Hypersonic (ITA), the Brainstorm Festival adds even more colour to the 12th edition. The two bands are on top of the previously announced names: Sirenia (NO), Cellar Darling (CH) en War Of Ages (USA).

Besides new bands we [Brainstorm] also announce on which days the bands will perform.

On Friday you will see Cellar Darling (CH), War of Ages (USA), Hypersonic (ITA) + more.

On Saturday we have Sirenia (NO), In Mourning (S) + more to see.

The melodic death-metal of In Mourning could already be heard at the Brainstorm Festival in 2012. The band hasn’t been idle in the intervening years and has grown into a high quality band in the genre. Their new album will be released this autumn.

Video In Mourning at Brainstorm Fest, 2012

Even though the name Hypersonic doesn’t ring a bell for many people, the Italians have already played in the Netherlands before. That beginning fan base is hoped to be expanded by the power-metal band during the Brainstorm Festival, where a new singer will be presented.

Video Hypersonic ‘As An Angel’

The 12th edition of the Brainstorm Festival will be held on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 November 2019 in Gigant in Apeldoorn. Combi-, youth- and daytickets are available from Gigant (iDeal) or the Brainstorm webshop (creditcard/paypal).

VIP tickets will be available at a later time and it will be possible to modify your ticket at that time.

Video for Brainstorm Festival promo

Brainstorm Festival was formed in the beginning of 2008 with a clear mission to enter a new era of music festivals as we know it. Brainstorm Festival is known as an independent cultural rock- and metalfestival, that provides a stage to both new talent as well as metal-dinosaurs. The festival combines hardrock with extreme metal. Besides concerts Brainstorm Festival offers a program in the theater of the club with acoustic performances, interviews, debate and competitions. Also there is an exposition taking place each year, plus a small metal-market.

For further information on Brainstorm Fest, visit their website: brainstormfestival.com



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