‘In Grief’ Continues As ‘Recreate The Sun’


Today we received a message from David Sandvik, he reported that the Norwegian band In Grief has turned his  name into Recreate The Sun. The band is currently working on a 4 song EP read  more below. Watch their announcement video and listen to some samples below.

It started with a band called In Grief who went under the genre “Atmospheric Extreme Metal”. In Grief was a band consisting of six members, including keyboard/synth. Early in 2011 The bassist, Tobias Odmundson, and the keyboardist, Daniel Sandvik, left the band, which was a very big loss for them. But In Grief didn’t quit the band or stop playing. Instead they continued playing and writing music. This time they wanted to go a new way.

So basically they found out that they had to change the band-name, because In Grief would’t be the same without the other guys. They came to a conclusion and all agreed that the name should be “Recreate The Sun”. The name itself is a very modern name, and describes the music and sound they play very good. The “new” band consists of David Sandvik on vocals, Benny Andrè Røste and Øyvind Pedersen on guitars, and Karl Erik Nordahl on Drums. These guys have been working on new material for a year now. Some has been released, some are under construction and some are being released VERY soon.

The music-and-writing-process has not been so fast as it could have been, because the RTS-guys have used alot of time on the sound, and learned by doing. But when you work hard and try to make the best of it, it usually goes the right way. As for an album, they will release a EP in December. And release a full CD somewhere in 2012.

David Sandvik – Vocals
Benny André Røste – Guitars
Øyvind Pedersen – Guitars
Karl Erik Nordahl – Drums

Visit Recreate The Sun  facebook profile.



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