Impellitteri Back In The Studio – Some Very Wild Solos on This Album


Impellitteri is back in the studio recording their follow-up to 2018’s “The Nature Of The Beast.”

An update from the band follows below:

“Hi friends, in this time of war and chaos Impellitteri are in the studio creating another metal album that takes the band and fans on a new heavy metal adventure! We definitely have some great riffs and melodies in each song as well as some very wild solos on this album!”

Impellitteri: the band who ruled an empire with their aggressive power metal, shredding guitar solos, screaming vocals, and a monstrous rhythm section now bring a highly sought after body of music to the rest of the world.

Hot on the heels of signing Lillian Axe, Global Rock Records, the new label formed by the Store For Music company, welcome Chris Impellitteri to it’s roster for full Impellitteri back catalog reissues spanning the 1987 – 2009 period.

Chris Impellitteri is one of the most recognized guitarists in the hard rock / heavy metal genre, standing alongside players such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert as far as virtuosity and sheer musical ability is concerned.

The band Impellitteri have constantly delivered quality records since its first Black EP release back in 1987.

Viewers of MTV in the late ’80s will remember the video for “Stand In Line” being featured prominently and the many albums that have followed, however fans of Chris in western countries have often had trouble locating the Impellitteri albums unavailable outside Asia.

This is about to change as the following catalog albums are due to be re-released on all major digital platforms, with a career spanning anthology due early 2022, followed by physical releases throughout the year:

Impellitteri (EP)
Stand In Line
Grin And Bear It
Victim Of The System (EP)
Answer To The Master
Screaming Symphony
Eye Of The Hurricane
System X
Pedal To The Metal
Wicked Maiden

Chris stated, “For years we have rocked with fans in specific countries because they embraced our music and encouraged us to become the band we are today!

Although we have played to some massive audiences in various parts of the world, our band was unaware that our music was being embraced by so many people in other countries that we never played in or released records to. So it is with great pleasure to say we are releasing our back catalog for all those that want it globally… via Global Rock.

A few records that seem to be fan favorites are Screaming Symphony, the Impellitteri Black EP, Answer To The Master, Wicked Maiden, Stand In Line, and System X. Some of my favorite songs to play live from these records are: ‘Lost In The Rain’, ’17th Century Chicken Pick’n’, ‘Wicked Maiden’, ‘Speed Demon’, and so on…

Impellitteri has also had the honor to have two versions of the band over the years, having both Rob Rock and Graham Bonnet front the band vocally, which created two completely different sonic identities and fan bases. It’s great to finally get this music released alongside our latest global releases Venom and The Nature Of The Beast.”

Brian Adams of Global Rock adds: “As we are showing with our new acquisitions for Global Rock Records, our artist signings are getting stronger every month. We are delighted and proud to represent the back catalogue of Impellitteri and look forward to working with Chris with a 3 CD set Anthology planned for the spring of 2022 followed during the licence term with some special collector’s gems for all of his fans.”

Impellitteri‘s latest album “Nature of the Beast” has been released Oct. 12th. 2018 via Frontiers Records.

Our review can be found at this location.

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