‘Ikarian’ To Release New Album “A Shrine Of Fire”, 2 New Songs Available For Streaming


IkarianIkarian the Musical Project of James Allin [formerly of Visionaire and Century Sleeper] will release a new album on Dec. 3rd. The album carries the title “A Shrine of Fire”, two new tracks of the upcoming album ‘Unbound’ & ‘Gathering Storms’, can be streamed below.

Below you can read a message from James:

Hi Everyone! [James of Ikarian here], and thanks for the kind comments regarding the 2 latest songs.

I’m TERRIBLE with updating, but sometimes I can be good for a season off and on. The fact is, even though I love creating music I find that I don’t have much time for it, and even a lot less for promoting the little that I do create! So this puts me strongly into the “hobbyist musician” category.

I’m trying to get Ikarian “A Shrine Of Fire” released before the end of the year. Just trying to get the packaging together for it. The actual recordings/mixing and mastering were finished over one year ago! See how s-l-o-w I am? haha…

On December 3 [which happens to be my b’day] I will put the new album up in it’s entirety for 1 or 2 weeks on
This way anyone who is interested can hear the entire thing before deciding if they like it and wish to purchase the actual cd for keeps!

For some metal lovers it might be too soft of a listening experience. For some Pink Floyd/and other light rock fans it may be too heavy in places….But for any Justin Bieber fans here among you it will be just perfect!

Weblinks: Facebook

Video below for ‘Unbound’

Video below for ‘Gathering Storms’

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