‘Happy Newyear’ From ‘The Metal Resource’, Staff Picks, The Top 5 Best Albums Of 2013


Happy Metal New YearFirst of all, Happy Newyear, wishing you all a healthy, blessed and prosperous 2014!

Thanks for your support over the past year, we really appreciate that. The past year has brought us loads of decent new releases, new bands and nice concerts/festivals. We expect that 2014 will be even better! The next year will be the 8th year of The Metal Resource.

A little bit later then expected: We are having each staff member of our team list their choices for The Top 5 Best Albums Of 2013. Check it out below:

STRYPERnmhtpCoverMárllon: 1) Stryper –  “No More Hell To Pay”, 2) Hawthorn – “Dark Tales”, 3) Primeiras Obras – “Self titled”, 4) Deliverance – “Hear What I Say”, 5) Bloodgood – “Dangerously Close”

John: 1) Living Sacrifice – “Ghost Thief”, 2) Grave Declaration – “When Dying Souls Sing Praise”, 3) False Idle – “Threat”, 4) Terror – “Live by the Code”*, 5) Butcher Babies – “Goliath”*, 6) Obsession – “Order of Chaos”, 7) Broken Flesh – “Warbound”

So, I cheated and have 7 listed… The two with * are ones that aren’t on the site, so I added a couple more, just in case. I had 12, lol…

GraveDeclaration_when dying souls screaming praiseSamuel: 1) Everything In Slow Motion – “Phoenix”, 2) Altars – “Something More”, 3) Grave Declaration – “When Dying Souls Sing Praise”, 4) Extol – “Extol”, 5)  August Burns Red – “Rescue & Restore”

only heard Deliverance – “Hear What I Say” for the first time today so I didn’t include it

Pete: I could quite easily put Stryper & Bloodgood in my list, but seeing as they were already picked I’ve chosen these …….

1) Victor Griffin’s In-Graved, 2) August Burns Red – “Rescue & Restore”, 3) Silent Voices – “Reveal The Change”, 4) Sounds Of Salvation – “SoS IV: Rise Of The Ska Machine”, 5) Alter Bridge – “Fortress”

Mauce: 1) Stryper – “No More Hell To Pay”, 2) Extol – “Extol”, 3) Bloodgood – “Dangerously Close”, 4) Grave Declaration – “When Dying Souls Sing Praise”, 5) Deliverance – “Hear What I Say”

Thrashboy: 1) Stryper – “No More Hell To Pay”, 2) Alter Bridge – “Fortress”, 3) Extol – “Extol”, 4) Signum Regis – “Exodus”, 5) Orphaned Land – “All Is One

august-burns-red-rescueEvelyne: I’m not really updated about everything that came out this year because I had a very busy year. For example I still haven’t heard the new Extol and Grave Declaration. Will check those out somewhere in the next few weeks. So for now my top 5:

1) The Devil Wears Prada – “8:18”, 2) We Came As Romans – “Tracing Back Roots”, 3) August Burns Red – “Rescue & Restore”, 4) Fit For a King – “Creation/Destruction”, 5) Fallstar – “Backdraft”

Donovan: 1) PelleK – “Ocean of Opportunity”, 2) Vengeance Rising – “Human Sacrifice” (25th Anniversary Edition), 3) Sparklands – “Tomocyclus”, 4) Bloodgood – “Dangerously Close”, 5) Thrash Metal Bands from Around the Globe – “Thrashmageddon Volume 1”

Tobias:  My favorite releases of this year are:

Extol_artwork1) The Suit – “All Allong EP”, 2) The Browning – “Hypernova”, 3) Theocracy – “Theocracy” (Re-release), 4) ReinXeed – “A New World”, 5) Dropkick Murphys – “Signed and Sealed in blood”

But I listened to more older albums, I didnt know earlier.

Arjan: 1) Shadow Past- “Perfect chapter”, 2) Pellek – “Ocean of Opportunity”, 3) Sirenia- “Perils of the deep blue”, 4) Fit for a King – “Creation/Destruction”, 4) Gloryhammer – “Tales from the Kingdom of Fife”

Bram: After some thinking I just made up my top 5 list I think.

1) In Vain – “Aenigma”, 2) Hope For The Dying – “Aletheia”, 3) The Ongoing Concept – “The Saloon”, 4) Leprous -” Coal”


I should really keep more attention to when an album i listen is released.

*** What is your favorite album of 2013, leave your comment below ! ***



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