Gov’t Hate Mail – Self-titled EP


Bands containing relatives are somewhat rare but bands that are father-son projects are few and far between, especially ones where the fathers have resumes that include bands like Crux, Empty Tomb, and the Clergy. Such is the case with Gov’t Hate Mail from Portland, OR. Given the experience of the older members in the band, one might expect music along the same lines, but Gov’t Hate Mail has chosen their own path in the somewhat familiar sounds of late 90’s alternative and grunge.

The influence of the late 90’s Seattle grunge music on Gov’t Hate Mail becomes readily apparent in the first song, Punch in the Face, which starts out with a riff much like the classic Louie, Louie and then progresses into a full-blown bridge/chorus section reminiscent of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. The second song Lights off Reality, continues in the same song structure, this time alternating guitars between a jangling sound and full distortion.

Vocals are a bit grittier and rougher than one would expect from the music and lyrics on Cry Baby also lean toward a message that seems a bit harsher than one would expect from the somewhat upbeat sound of the music. Watch What You Wish For is the most aggressive sounding of the songs on the ep, starting out with a slow intro found in classic hardcore songs and then transitioning into faster tempo for the rest of the song. Accompanying the aggressive music are some similarly aggressive lyrics railing against greed, pride, and selfishness that culminate in the statement “you are king, king of s*#@t.

Written by John Jackson

Rating: 5/10

1) Punch in the Face
2) Light Off Reality
3) Cry Baby
4) Watch What You Wish For

Band Members:
Jim Swanson-Vocals/Guitar
Greg Dimick-guitar

Record Label: Veritas Vinyl, 2012

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