Sleeping Giant – Kingdom Days in an Evil Age


I must admit that I am not familiar with the music of the melodic hardcore band, Sleeping Giant, but after listening to their latest album, “Kingdom Days in an Evil Age”, I find their music to be quite inspiring and mature. The name Sleeping Giant immediately evokes the image of a malicious beast lying in wait for helpless victims; consequently, the music of this album would be an ideal soundtrack for film depicting the epic battle that takes place between Grendel and Beowulf. The name of the album does bring to mind the spiritual war that ensues between good and evil. “Evil” is so pervasive… it is all around us. Even the divine kingdom finds difficulty standing in its presence.

“Kingdom Days in an Evil Age” begins with a blast beat track entitled “Throne Room Militance.” This intro immediately hurls you into a scene filled with blood and violent screams. The piece is quick, brutal, and ends abruptly; it is followed by “Dead Men Walking” a darker track that incorporates a harsh mixture of aggressive guitars and Green’s thrash vocals.

“Eyes Wide Open” starts off with sludgier guitar riffs set off by both clean vocals and death grunts. “The Cross Is Suicide” opens with a doomy guitar riff which, after a few seconds, is pounded out by distorted, relentless screams: “The Cross is Suicide! The Cross is Suicide! We are suicide!” The track fades to the manic “ICXC,” which is a complete eardrum buster. This is probably my least favorite track on the album, since, in my opinion, it is too short and doesn’t accomplish much in those two minutes. “Tithemi” picks up the mood a bit with a smooth guitar lead and rhythmic drum patterns. The passionate chanting of “Hallelujah” lightens the overall mood. Close to the end of the song, Green yells: “This life is not about SUPREMACY! It’s about DECLARATION!” Bone chilling death vocals conclude the track, and is immediately followed by “Tongues of Fire,” a fast sonic assault which literally sounds like it has been set on fire! Crunching guitars, thundering bass, and explosive vocals help make this song a true sonic assault on the ears! “Jehovah Shalom” is no less threatening, with its stretch of fast blast beat drumming and passionate screams. The vocals and guitars seem to even melt together at the end. “The Unnamable Name” opens with disembodied voices floating back and forth before heavy guitar riffs punch them out. “Morning Star” seems like a frightening thrash number, but mellows out to a sad drone, then fades into the gloom. “Enthroned” is quite beautiful and melodic, beginning with sorrowful guitar riffs and piano passages. I think this is my favorite song on the album, since it definitely has a clean doom metal sound to it. The chanting of “Holy, holy, holy God!” is rhythmic and almost church-like. “Defiance” picks up the pace a bit more with powerfully charged drums and vocals. I can really feel the anger flowing in all directions in “Destroy Every Idol,” which quickly concludes the album.

Sleeping Giant succeed in keeping the album consistent and interesting. Every song seems to lead us into darker and darker corridors, offering us hope if we remain faithful on the journey. I think all Christians who love hardcore music can find this album very appealing. I just regret that I haven’t heard of these guys until now.

Written By Kris Tilbury

Rating: 8/10

1. Throne Room Militance
2. Dead Man Walking
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. The Cross Is Suicide
6. Tithemi
7. Tongues On Fire
8. Jehova Shalom
9. The Unnamable Name
10. Morning Star
11. Enthroned
12. Defiance
13. Father To The Fatherless
14. Holy Is The Lamb

Current Line-Up:
Thom Green: Vocals
Geoff Brouillette: Guitar
Eric Gregson: Guitar
Ryan Bermuda: Bass
Travis Boyd: Drums

Weblinks: Facebook / Myspace / Twitter

Record Label: Ain’t No Grave Records, 2011

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