‘Golden Resurrection’ Teaser From ‘One Voice For The Kingdom’ Available, Pre-Order Now


Golden Resurrection’s third studio album One Voice For The Kingdom is ready to rock the metal heads. The new wave of Neoclassical Powermetal spells Golden Resurrection. More metal, more power, more speed and of course more shredding guitars. One Voice For The King will be released 21 th of November 2012 in Japan & 18 th of January 2013 rest of the world. Check the teaser below.

Golden Resurrection released their second album Man With A Mission on October 27, 2011, exactly a year after their debut Glory To My King. Read our review here.

In 2008 Christian Liljegren joined forces with Tommy Johansson, a 20-year-old super-talented vocalist and guitar hero. Both shared a big passion for melodic neoclassical metal and Golden Resurrection was born.

Musically they offer Swedish melodic neoclassical metal in the vein of ReinXeedGolden Resurrection was formed in 2008 by Christian Liljegren [ex Narnia, Divine Fire, Audiovision] and twenty year old guitarist Tommy Johansson [ReinXeed].

The current line-up is:  Christian Liljegren – Lead vocals & backing vocals, Tommy ReinXeed – All guitars & Backing vocals, Steven K – Bass, Svenne Jansson – Hammond Organ & Keyboards, Alfred Fridhagen – Drums.

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1. The Temple Will Remain – 04:55
2. Spirit War – 05:05
3. One Voice For The Kingdom – 03:55
4. Night Light – 05:08
5. Golden Resurrection – 05:08
6. Can´t Slow Down – 04:48
7. Heavenly Metal – 04:00
8. God´s Mercy – 04:00
9. Born For The Strangers – 05:56
10. Moore Lord – 05:45
11. Special Message To Japan ( Japan Bonus) – 01.08
12. Eternal Freedom (Japan Bonus) – 04:52

Glory To My King [2010]
Pray For Japan single [2011]
Man With A Mission [2011]

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