‘Colossus’ Music Video Released for ‘Demons’


colussusColossus have released a music video for ‘Demons’. The song is taken of their new album “Badlands” which is released this week (Sept. 16th) via Facedown Records. The music video can be seen below.

Shot by Dan Ludenman and featuring historic landmarks from the band’s hometown of Sioux Falls, the darkness behind the lyrics of Demons’ comes to the forefront in this video, directed by Ludenman and Colossus front man Alex Gutzmer.

“We had an amazing time filming Demons’. There’s a definite possibility that it will make people feel uncomfortable, but we wanted to show a physical representation of the demons that we all-too-often have to face.”

When they released their debut album critics said: If “Time & Eternal” is just the beginning, we could be looking at a long career for Colossus.” Now Colossus is building on that foundation with their sophomore album “Badlands”, out now. “Badlands” combines the ambition and spirit of the band’s debut with their progressive hardcore aesthetic and an ambience relatively new to their sound.

“Badlands”, a term for dry terrain that has been stripped bare by wind and water, is an album full of energetic anthems designed to identify with the struggles of the human condition; namely loneliness, and the feelings of isolation that can be so difficult to navigate. The title also pays homage to Colossus’ home state of South Dakota and its vast badlands formations where the harsh erosion and desolation of the ground can often give way to a spectacular color display. The irony of the beauty found in the treacherous terrain isn’t lost on Colossus as the theme of finding encouragement in tragedy is one that is at the forefront of “Badlands”.


1. Badlands
2. Demons
3. Slow Burn
4. Outcast
5. Worthless
6. Shades of Gray
7. Downcast Eyes
8. Insomnia
9. Recoil
10. Nicotin

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Video below ‘Demons’

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