Beautycore Band ‘Gold Frankincense & Myrrh’ Releases “Operation Take Over” Ep


Gold, Frankincense, & Myrrh (In short GFM), the trio of teenage sisters who expertly balance the melodicism of bands like Paramore with a Slipknot-like ferocity, have released the long-awaited “Operation Take Over” Ep last Friday (Sept. 4).

‘Operation Take Over’ is the embodiment of confidence,” says bassist/vocalist Maggie English. “We’ve pushed the extremes for both the heaviness and the lightheartedness of the songs on this EP. It’s definitely a step up from our previous work, which is something we strive for with each new project.”

Operation Take Over was produced by Joey Sturgis (Of Mice & Men, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria), Eric Varnell and Billy Decker (Uncle Kracker, Sam Hunt). “Working on these songs with the girls was a really fun experience for me because we had all the freedom to do whatever we wanted,” Sturgis says. “I worked hard to make GFM sound larger than life and create the most concerted effort they’ve put forth yet. ‘Operation Take Over’ really shows what the girls are capable of and just how far they can push musical boundaries.”

“These songs show an encouraging message of confidence that we wanted to share with the world,” says guitarist/vocalist CJ English. “Us three girls have really connected over the past year and a half, and I believe it shows through these songs. This journey has truly been rewarding. I am forever grateful that we have had the privilege of working with the people that helped us accomplish ‘Operation Take Over.’

Operation Take Over track listing:
3-I Don’t Wanna Lose My Friends
5-Taking Over
6-I Don’t Need Your Fantasy

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Clearly not your average teenage girl band, GFM is breaking boundaries in the music industry and bringing life back to rock and metal with the band’s encouraging and positive message. The sisters all began taking music lessons at just five years old, which sparked a love of music that would continue to grow. As they grew up, the girls collectively decided that they wanted to pursue this love for music professionally and began putting blood and sweat into creating GFM.

GFM’s musical journey began in 2016 in Columbia, TN, where they worked on their first album, “Identity Crisis,” with producers Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw (We as Human). In 2017, the girls embarked on their first U.S. tour, and the demand was so strong that they returned to the road in the U.S. the following year, finishing out the touring season with their first trip to Germany, where GFM instantly became a festival favorite.

In 2019, GFM released their much-anticipated Ep Oh, The Horror!, which was recorded with Varnell and Decker, followed by another American headline tour and a return trip to Germany.

This year began with GFM’s first acoustic tour and the release of the singles ‘I Don’t Need Your Fantasy’ and ‘Taking Over.’ Once the pandemic forced the cancellation of GFM’s tour, the sisters put their heads together to come up with fun and unique ways to engage with fans. While on lockdown, GFM started the very first E-Tour, taking over various social media pages for over 20 dates of performing via livestream. Most recently, GFM partnered with SONGLINKR, the new video conferencing platform built for musicians, for a parody song ‘Susan.’ The trio used SONGLINKR for an innovative fanbase writing session, composing the song along with their devoted fans while streaming to Twitch.

Over the last four years, GFM has grown and matured on all levels – with this past year, in particular – offering the young ladies an opportunity to tighten their bond and explore musically.

GFM is:
CJ Sanders English – Guitar, Vocals
Magdalene “Maggie” Rose English – Bass, Vocals
Evie “LuLu” Louise English – Drums, Background Vocals

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