‘Germán Pascual’, Launches New Website – Debut Album Streaming In Full


Last tuesday saw the release of A New Beginning the solo debut from Germán Pascual. In celebration of the album’s release Germán has re-launched his official website. Germán has also posted a full album stream of A New Beginning. Visit the new official site and get a first listen to A New Beginning here.

Germán Pascual is a man with a very special voice, he’s achieved notoriety around the world, lauded greatly and likened with the greatest melodic metal voices of our day. Germán was the last voice of Narnia, a well known Swedish melodic heavy metal band, similar to Stryper and Rob Rock. The new music is hard heavy and melodic power metal without compromise.

In 2009 the Narnia album, Course of a Generation was launched. It was the 7th and final album from Narnia since their beginning at 1996. Germán also sings with Divinefire, where he shares the lead vocal with Christian Liljegren [ex-Narnia]. They launched the album, Eye of the storm in April 2011.

In January 2011 Germán went on his first solo tour in Brazil, performing a few of the greatest hits of Narnia and also presenting some songs from his upcoming solo album. Now with A New Beginning Germán is drawing plans to tour the world in support of his latest Metal opus.

A New Beginning is available for purchase on the Nightmare Records Website, Amazon and iTunes.

Recently we did an interview with Germán, if you have missed this click here. And our review of A New Beginning, can be found here.

1. Seek the Truth
2. The Wrath of GOD
3. If the Sky Would Fall
4. Misty Dreams
5. Open Your Eyes
6. I Call For the One
7. Unbroken Wings
8. Come Ease the Pain
9. Fate of the Blind
10. Cancion Con Todos

Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [1994]
Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [2008] [ remastered]
Narnia – Course of a Generation [2009]
Soulspell – The Labyrinth of Truths [2010] [participation]
Golden Resurrection Glory to My King [2010] [backing choirs]
Divine Fire – Eye of the storm [2011]

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