Germán Pascual – A New Beginning


The last vocalist of Narnia is to release his debut album on the 9th of October. Let see if he can keep up with his old band.

German Pascual is not just somebody who just started his career. Originally, he was born in Uruguay, was raised in Brasil and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Beside his solo career he also is vocalist with DivineFire. His debut album as a solo vocalist is called “A new Beginning”. The album contains 10 songs with a total playing time of little over  40 minutes. Musically its power/symphonic metal, a bit like Narnia used to be.

The album kick off with “Seek the Truth” with some piano’s and then the rest of the music kicks in, and at last German himself. And yes, this rocks and brings a smile to my face. To say this should have been the next Narnia? Musically is played very well, melodic parts are nice, technically played well. Also the guitar solo’s done very well. First song is like the first piece of a cake, you want more!

The album is continued with “The Wrath of God”, which opens heavy and continues heavy. Great! “If the Sky Would Fall” starts fast with some nice keys on the background. Vocals are really powerful. Together with some nice guitar solo’s, this really rocks.

“Misty Dreams” continues strong and he shows his capacities as a vocalist: top class!

“Open Your eyes” kicks off with great guitar playing. This is played fast and sung slower. Very well done, its just never boring! To spice it up some nice guitars solos are included. “I Call for the One” starts with some weird keys, to followed up by fast drums and vocals. This is a very nice fast song. Probably one of my favorites of the album.

“Unbroken Wings” lingers a bit, very nice. Melodic, but heavy, sometime suddenly fast parts, alternated with slower ones. “Come Ease the Pain” has some fast guitar riffs, sudden stops and go offs! Nice fast double base drum! “Fate of the Blind” is followed by “Cancion Con Todos” which means Songs of all, is the last songs. It starts off clam and slow with violins and female chants. Huh, surprise! A very nice vocalist turns opera and then some heavy drums join to make a very nice metal opera. This is a very nice way to close the album. Its really shows what a great vocalist German is together with great musicians.

To conclude the album “A New Beginning”, its indeed a great new beginning for German Pascual. To start a solo career like this must be a dream for many, but he did it. He shows great musicality combined with powerful vocals. A must have!


1. Seek the Truth
2. The Wrath of GOD
3. If the Sky Would Fall
4. Misty Dreams
5. Open Your Eyes
6. I Call For the One
7. Unbroken Wings
8. Come Ease the Pain
9. Fate of the Blind
10. Cancion Con Todos

Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [1994]
Mind’s Eye – The Afterglow [2008] [ remastered]
Narnia – Course of a Generation [2009]
Soulspell – The Labyrinth of Truths [2010] [participation]
Golden Resurrection Glory to My King [2010] [backing choirs]
Divine Fire – Eye of the storm [2011]

Record Label: Nightmare Records / Sony, Oct. 2012

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  1. How different people can experience music: I see this album as very meager. Full of good vocals (though nothing special) but with predictable, thirteen in a dozen, flat compositions. To each his/her own.

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