Unblack Metal Band Frost Like Ashes Return and Sign with Rottweiler Records, Free Track Available for Download


Attention, Metalheads! This is one of the most exciting announcements we have ever made and, well. . . a dream come to fruition for Rottweiler Records. It’s been an ambition of Rottweiler Records to have this band on the label since it’s inception.

Will great respect and honor we would like to welcome Frost Like Ashes to The Pack!

Birthed as a suffocating blizzard from the cold heart of the icy plains of America, Frost Like Ashes brought an unprecedented intensity, as well as controversy to the metal scene of the early and mid 2000’s. Skulls were crushed, blood was consumed, Satanic bibles were desecrated and pentagrams were destroyed.

Amidst this mayhem, two EPs were released; the classic “Pure As The Blood Covered Snow” (2003), and the controversial (including having its cover art banned from Facebook) “Born to Pieces” (2008). Then with the full length album “Tophet” (2005), the band showed a level of brutality that few, if any, could match.

After a decade of silence, these titans of blackened death metal are back to once again assault the world of satanic ideals with their powerfully forged weapons combined into one amazing release.

But this is not the end…it is only the beginning.

Breaking free from the blinding snow and bitter cold of the northern winter wastelands of North America, Azahel (Possession) and Sebat (Coven, World Funeral) have once again joined together to forge another blackened epoch of war.

Summoning fellow blackened masters, Quoheleth, Fire of Fire Throne and Elgibbor fame, and newly anointed in black, Grond of The Burial, to arise with them, Frost Like Ashes is preparing for another assault on those who would blaspheme the Lord of Darkness.

Keeping in their indomitable brutal style, they continue to take no prisoners, cutting quick to the bone of seeming friends and foes alike. Nothing is sacrosanct to the double edged sword of the crushing music and brutal lyrics. The weak of heart and mind should be well warned not to enter into the realms of Frost without being prepared to face the deepest depths of self. The next death machine is on the blood red horizon. Who can endure it?”

Frost Like Ashes will be releasing a collection of ALL the previous recordings on ONE release entitled “The Compendium.” But, that’s not all. . . there are plans for a BRAND NEW full length cd in the future. Who can endure it, indeed!!

Go give them a like on their Facebook page and welcome them to The Pack! 

Azahel Frost – Vocals
Sebat Frost – Guitars
Qoheleth – Keyboards
Fire – Bass
Grond – Drums

Grab a FREE track at Noisetrade.

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