One Man Extreme Metal Band ‘Children Of Wrath’ Releases ‘Dead Idols’ Lyric Video


Children Of Wrath‘s newest lyric video ‘Dead Idols’ can be watched below. The song is taken is taken from thesopho album “Supernatural Dimensions” which is released on Aug. 3rd. via Nosral recordings.

“Supernatural Dimensions” is the follow-up to “No Flesh Spared” that was released last summer.

Children of Wrath is a one man extreme metal band hailing from Phoenix, AZ and is the creative output of a man named Luke Dinan.

1. The Eternal Conflict
2. Have You Not Known
3. Dead Idols
4. The Seventh Seal
5. Vanity
6. Bitterness
7. Leviathan
8. Wheels Within Wheels
9. Supernatural Dimensions
10. The Prayers of A Weak Man

In 2017, Dinan went on a mission to record metal, a genre he had listen to since the days of Whitecross. His view of metal was changed when a band known as Six Feet Deep came onto the scene.

Despite always listening to metal, he and a friend released a pop/rock album under the name of The Future Calling, a project drawing on an array of influences such as New Order, Tears for Fears, and Depeche Mode.

In 2016, Dinan began to record his debut album, “No Flesh Spared,” a variety of stlyes coming with it, known as Blackened Symphonic Melodic Holy Death Metal.

The debut album, “No Flesh Spared,” was recently released and is hitting people like a ton of bricks. The band has a range of metal influences like Cradle of Filth, Opeth, Satyricon, Septic Flesh, and Dead Can Dance.

The album has a sonic palette chock full of pummeling riffs, brutal vocals, and hauntingly beautiful atmospheres that are sure to hit that gratification spot in your gray matter. The album took about 9 months from beginning to end. Every step of the writing, recording, production, mixing, and mastering was handled by Luke.

By July 2017, Children of Wrath joined the ranks of Nosral Recordings, a new indie label that specializes in black and extreme metal. As of September 22nd, the album is available on all digital platforms and new material is on the way.

Children of Wrath‘s debut album “No Flesh Spared” has been released on August 24th. 2017 via Nosral Recordings, check it out here

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Lyric video for ‘Dead Idols’



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