Symphonic Melodic Death Metal Band ‘Grave Decay’ (feat Members of The Memory Remains & Morphia) to Release Debut Album “From Dust To Dust” Next Month, Album Teaser Available


The official album teaser for Grave Decay‘s upcoming debut album “From Dust To Dust” can be streamed below. The album is scheduled to be released in October, official release date and order info coming soon. Check it out below.

The first single ‘State Of Decay’ is released last month (August 11th.). The lyric video can be watched below.

Grave Decay is a Symphonic Melodic Death Metal band from The Netherlands. They combine brutal guitar-riffs with melodic elements and melodies.

The recent history.
The band was started early 2018 by Roger Koedoot and Maurice Lefeu after their former band ‘The Memory Remains’ ceased to exist.
They started writing and recording songs in the style of symphonic death metal influenced by a bit of thrash and doom which could be compared to bands like Amorphis and Insomnium. This led to the release of their debut album titled “From Dust To Dust” in october 2018.
Currently they are in search for fellow band mates to fit in the band. Once the positions are filled in, they are able to play gigs.

The background.
Both Roger and Maurice have played in bands for many years following their passion for metal. Roger was one of the guitarists for dutch doommetal band Morphia and was involved in all their studio albums between 1998-2005. Metal music is a big part of their lives.
In 2011 Mauce and Roger met each other coincidentally, and soon they started to jam and teamed up in a few projects of which ‘The Memory Remains’ lasted for several years. During these years they’ve played several festivals and shared stage with bands like Innerwish, My Silent Wake, Pantokrator, Xandria, Dark Sarah, Living Sacrifice, Fleshkiller, Wind Rose and more. Along the way they felt they wanted to get back to their real passion for thrash/death/doom roots. But now with additional symphonic bombastic elements like bands like Epica, Nightwish and Mayan do. This is when Grave Decay was born. However, it wasn’t until early 2018 the first notes of Grave Decay songs were recorded.

The bandname.
The name ‘Grave Decay’ can be explained literally as a grave that is wasted. This explanation would fit perfectly for a death metal band.
However, they prefer themselves another explanation where ‘grave’ translates to ‘serious’ and ‘decay’ translates into ‘downfall’.
This suits the band better as many songs are about the downfall of society and humanity that is going on in the world today.

01. Re-inception
02. State Of Decay
03. Cognitive Dissonance
04. Bloodbound
05. Grave Mystery
06. Memories
07. Boots On The Ground
08. Silent Suffering (Carolina)
09. Time
10. Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Current line-up: Roger Koedoot – Guitars/Vocals, Maurice ‘Mauce’ Lefeu – Lead Guitars.

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Video for “From Dust To Dust” Album Teaser

Lyric video for ‘State Of Decay’



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