Former ‘Terraphobia’ and ‘Mortification’ Drummer ‘Damien Percy’ Passed Away


Mick Jelinic (Terraphobia, ex Mortification) checked in with the following sad news:

Yesterday I received some very sad news that former Terraphobia and Mortification drummer Damien Percy had lost his battle from a long illness.

Damien was the drummer on the Mortification “Erasing the Goblin” album and the “Live Humanitarian” DVD he was also the drummer on the 2007 “Live Humanitarian” European tour. Damien was not only an exceptional drummer but an even better person, he was one of my best friends and will be sadly missed but not forgotten.

Absolutely shocked and saddened by the loss of Damien Percy. Love and sympathy go his family and friends, thanks Mick for your kind words. The Revulsed guys send love. – Jayson Sherlock (Revulsed, ex Mortification)

Very sad news! Damien Percy played for MORTIFICATION during their European tour and Nordicfest visit in 2007. Warm thoughts and blessings to all who knew him personally. – Pål Dæhlen (Nordic Mission)


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