Former ‘Broken Flesh’ Vocalist ‘Ricky Puckett’ Launches Gofundme Campaign to Raise Funds for His Dad’s Medical Expenses


Puckett seniorEarlier today we received an email from Ricky Puckett (In Darkest Dreams and former Broken Flesh). Ricky’s dad had a heart attack and the family could use a little help, read his message below:

Hello, My name is Ricky Puckett. I was formerly the vocalist of brutal death metal band, Broken Flesh, during the “Stripped, Stabbed, and Crucified” era of the band from 2010 to 2012. I was also the founder of Warclub Records and Warclub Radio (both of which are now defunct), and I am currently the vocalist of a project called In Darkest Dreams. My dad recently suffered a heart attack a couple weeks ago that was almost fatal. One of his arteries had 99% blockage and another artery was 100% blocked. The Dr’s were able to open up the one that was 99% blocked with a stent, but they said the damage to the one that was 100% blocked is too damaged to do anything about. He is currently not a candidate for bypass surgery. The Dr said that the extent of the damage to his arteries is too much that a bypass surgery wouldn’t do any good. Right now, we are down to just one option left on the table. He has to wear a Life Vest (which is basically an external defibrillator), but it’s not a permanent solution, because he has to wear it at all times and carry around a battery pack that’s hooked up to it at all times. He’s supposed to wear it for 3 months. After that, we’re hoping he can have an internal defibrillator put in him, but he has to go through the first 90 days with the life vest first. My parents don’t have any money. My dad is 78 years old and retired. My mom is 66 and works at Walmart, so they can’t afford the medical expenses resulting from his heart attack.

They’re currently trying to fight off having their house foreclosed on, and they recently filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy and included their house in it in the hopes of saving their home. The life vest costs $700-$750 per month. The internal defibrillator costs $80,000. My dad’s insurance should cover 80% of that, but that leaves the remaining 20% that my parents would be on the hook for paying. 20% of 80,000 is $16,000 dollars. My parents don’t have that. I don’t have that. My family doesn’t have that. My sister created a GoFundMe page to hopefully raised funds to help with this.

Check out the video below that goes into more detail about everything.

All donations will go towards current and future medical expenses for medication, medical bills and his upcoming procedure. Any amount will help and is greatly appreciated by the entire Puckett family!

If you wanna help Ricky and his family, click on the following link:

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