Former ‘Beyond The Bridge’ Bassist ‘Dominik Stotzem’ Announces New Band – ‘Enemy Inside’


After Dominik Stotzem left the Progressive-Rock band Beyond The Bridge in late 2016, he is back with a new band, Dark rock/Modern Metal band Enemy Within.

Enemy Inside was formed in 2017 out of Aschaffenburg, Germany by Nastassja Giulia (Vocals) and Evan K (Guitar), who through wide ranging musical experimentation found their own unique sound – somewhere between “Dark Rock” and “Modern Metal”. The music strikes a catchy, mystical chord as the powerful female lead vocals are intertwined with aggressive arrangements and catchy hooks.

“The darkest hours make us what we are. We all have this voice inside our head, our very own enemy, keeping us from following our dreams. Sometimes we need to forget the past and start over. Like a Phoenix, we will rise from the flames. We will set the sky on fire. The heat will vaporize our tears and burn our scars to dust. It is always darkest before the dawn. We are the masters of our minds. We are the  Enemy Inside.”

Curious about our music? Visit our show on February 17th at Nachtleben, Frankfurt (facebook event). More info coming soon!

The band consist of: Nastassja Giulia – Vocals, Evan K – Lead Guitar, David Hadarik – Rhythm Guitar, Dominik Stotzem – Bass, Erik Frischkorn – Drums.

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