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MetanoiaFor All Eternity is a melodic metalcore band from Sydney, Australia. They started as a band in 2008 and released an EP “For All Eternity” independant in 2009. Followed by their first studio album “Beyond The Gates” in 2012. They have toured with some of the best live acts in music, for example: Emery, The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Impending Doom, Hatebreed, Texas In July, For Today, Oh Sleeper and Demon Hunter to name a few.

What we have here is their sophomore studio album “Metanoia”. According to google translate, Metanoia means: “change in one’s way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.” “The biblical word for conversion, metanoia , means not just a shift in one’s views or opinions but a fundamental change in direction.”

When I read the names they toured with, my expectancy began to rise. I can give away right now that I most certainly did not get disappointed.  What to say about another metalcore album? You wonder if this record wil be different from all the other bands. Well you know from the first song ‘Remove The Pulse’, which is more an intro, it is clear that we can expect brutal metalcore just like we have heard so many times before, but than on a very high level.I can tell you the same over and over again, that there are the typical breakdowns with screaming and interspersed with clean vocals. (Which, by the way, are sung by the drummer, Michael Buckley). Well, so far so good! Because that is what I expect from a melodic metalcore band and I don’t want it any other way. I know that there are many who say that all the metalcore sounds the same, but hey, isn’t that the case in all types of music? To me all the black metal bands sound the same for example. I realy think that it is important that you speak the ‘language’ of metalcore to understand all the core related bands.

The songs ‘Break Of Dawn’ and ‘Further From Hate’ show us what these guys are capable off. High pitched screaming and brutal screaming interspersed with beautiful clean catchy vocals.
‘Mountainside’ is more of an interlude and prelude to ‘Unharness’ which features Mattie Montgomery of For Today. I feel that this song has a For Today vibe in it, so I think to use Mattie for this song was a good choice. Or is it just Mattie who gives this song that vibe? Just listen and decide for yourself.

Title track ‘Metanoia’ is for me one of the highlights of this album. Man, this song contains all the right ingredients. Did I mention that if you like Fit For A King you will most probably also love For All Eternity. I can also tell you that ‘Stitched the Same’ features Kyle Tamosaitis (formerly of Burden of a Day) and we hear also some electronical elements. This song is more of a ballad that gives you a break from all the heaviness . A point of rest….. before the storm of ‘White Flame’.

Last song ‘Awaken The Heart’ is a worthy closure of an excellent album, a brutal song with beautiful melodic guitar lines and acoustic parts. I wonder again how it is possible with such brutal music to blend in such sensitivity that it gives me goosebumps.

An album that can be purchased blindly by every metalcore enthousiast, especially by those who love Fit For A King, trust me that you won’t get disappointed.

Rating: 8/10

Written by: René Woning

1. Remove the Pulse (1:22)
2. Break of Dawn (3:22)
3. Further from Hate (3:42)
4. The Divide (3:13)
5. Mountainside (1:03)
6. Unharness (feat. Mattie Montgomery) (4:03)
7. Metanoia (3:41)
8. Stitched the Same (feat. Kyle Tamosaitis) (3:01)
9. White Flame (4:03)
10. Awaken the Heart (4:00)

Band members:
Shane Carroll – Vocals
Michael Buckley – Drums/Vocals
Jeremy Mosiejczuk – Guitar
Nicholas Page – Guitar
Scott Dibley – Bass

“For All Eternity” EP 2009
“Beyond The Gates” 2012
“Metanoia” 2015

Record label: Facedown Records, July 2015

Buy the album here:
First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter

Video below: ‘Metanoia’

Video below: ‘Break Of Dawn’

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