“Nordicfest 2015 – The Resurrection” Line-Up Complete (Sept. 25-27)


NORDICFESTLOGOAs previously reported, after an absence of three years, Nordic Fest is back. The festival will be held 25-27 September 2015, as usual in the Subscene, Oslo, Norway.

The following bands will be on stage: Ascendant (DK), Dalit (NO), Grave Declaration (NO), Leonov (NO), Mantric (NO), Necroblation (CH), Search For Safety (NO) + 1 Profound Desire (FIN) & Frosthardr (NO).

The Legacy of Norwegian symphonic black metal is indeed in good hands! Grave Declaration composes their music delightfully with beauty and brutality. And that is something to our liking! Get ready to scream your praise and bang your head!

Video below: Grave Declaration – ‘Change of Heart’


With the Brand new EP Die old on Loyal Blood Records, Mantric finally has got some new music for the fans! Chaos and harmony are mixed in an unorthodox way and makes them sound like no one else. From the Norwegian legends Lengsel and Extol these great musicians now bring us a taste of their new experimental and atmospheric masterpiece!

Video below: Mantric – ‘Die Old’


After several stormful winternights the mighty Frosthardr is back! These men from the icy North will play their black and cold metal so that you may feel the chills down your spine. With their dark, raw and Norwegian sound they will captivate their listeners like a furious blizzard!

Video below: Frosthardr – ‘Death My Relief’


Imagine the sounds of a desperate voice in a stormful night. A woman crying in the howling wind. That is the sound of Leonov. Behind a wall of distorted guitars and crashing cymbals you can hear the voice of a woman, full of emotion and melancholy. The members of Leonov are folks from the Sub Church so this is the chance to see Leonov play at home!


We got to know Necroblation when we first saw them at Elements of Rock in 2013. The Swiss guys made a big impression on us and now we have brought them to Norway! They have newly released a great album called Stab Your Self. Necroblation play the way we like it: brutal, catchy, fast, extreme … thrash!!!

Video below:  Necroblation -‘Gehenna’


From the west coast of Norway we have the dark and heavy Dalit. Their melodic death metal tells tales of mourning and sorrow, yet there is hope. Fat guitars, steady drums, and deep vocals bring an atmosphere of awe and wonder. Bring a tissue, a friend may shed some tears …

Video below: Dalit – ‘Impression’


The Danish band Ascendant will come and host a party for us at Nordicfest! As we know the Danish will play with all the strenght they’ve got and give their everything! Are you ready for extreme metal in a passionate and aggressive way? We are for sure!

Video below: Ascendant – ‘Lets’s Mouth Up’ (Live at EOR 2014)


Search for Safety, these youngsters from the outskirts of Oslo will bring their melodic yet chaotic metalcore to Nordicfest 2015. They will give us screaming guitars, screaming vocals and a lot of energy! Get ready to dance!

Video below: Search for Safety – ‘Outlaws’


Nordicfest without a Finnish band would be like a cowboy without his favorite boots. So this year we give you the promising Profound Desire from the land of the thousand lakes! Progressive and melodic death-metal driven by beautiful guitarwork and interesting vocal arrangements. There are low odds for long haired and pale shirtless guys on frontrow at this gig!


Get your tickets at nordicmission while they last! We want this to be a real family reunion and looking forward to meet you all!

For more information go to their website.

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