Flood (Former Members of Tourniquet & Extol) Releases Debut Album “Polarized”, Entire Album Streaming


Flood is a Metal band comprised of accomplished artists innovating forward thinking compositions with calculated, symphonic precision. Their melodically powerful music and vivid lyrics span the dystopian, apocalyptic, and socially relevant mindscape. Guy Ritter (vocals) and Gary Lenaire (guitars / vocals) are co-founders of the bands Tourniquet and Echo Hollow. They are joined by Erik Mendez (guitars), Anna Sentina (bass) and David Husvik (drums).

In 2020, Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter formed the band Flood. “Polarized” soon began to take shape as the debut record. With influences from their past sounds, Flood moves into the future with modern rhythmic, tonal and lyrical innovation.

‘Design‘ opens the record. The song explores the breathtaking plan of God and man.

War in the Sky’ is an apocalyptic vision of spiritual warfare.

‘Darfur’ conveys the tragic reality of genocide. Originally posted as a demo years ago, FLOOD recorded the song as it was originally intended to be.

The title track takes a close look through a spiritual phoropter at cultural and religious differences and the problem of despising those who hold other views.

Biotech Babylon’ sees the vanity in a cyber genetic dystopian near future.

‘My Last Ride’ gives us a heart breaking first-hand account of a family pet in abandonment.

‘Freeloading Larceny’ (Freedom Fading) laments the breaking down of a free society.

‘Stop The Bleeding’ was originally released in 2017. The new recording demonstrates FLOOD’s massive, headbanging sound.

Instrumentals: ‘The Four Seasons (Summer)’, ‘In Remission’, ‘The Order of Melchizedek’

“If you love God and heavy melodic metal, then check Flood out!” –Michael Sweet (Stryper)

“It’s hard to imagine Guy, Gary, and Erik exceeding the artistic pedigree from their legendary work with former bands. But one listen to Flood‘s epic metal album, “Polarized” and I knew definitively that they had achieved next level greatness. The tightness, the progressive elements, and the blending of melody with perfectly aggressive heavy metal made the hair on my back stand straight up. It could easily be the best album of 2022!” –Matthew Hunt (Retroactive & Bombworks Records)

Lyric video for ‘Biotech Babylon’

Lyric video for ‘Design’

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