Firewind’s Gus G. Invites You to Come To Brainstorm Festival (Video): Timetable Available


It’s almost there again, next weekend the 15th edition of the annual Brainstorm Festival will begin, of course be held at Podium Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL). In addition to concerts on the mainstage, there will be a theater room for unplugged shows and interviews. The festival also offers an exhibition, a beer tasting and a small CD market, for the ultimate festival experience. 

Firewind‘s Gus G. is exited to play there, he invites you all to come to the festival. To see Firewind and countless other bands perform on stage. He writes:

I’ve got @BrainstormFest written all over my forehead! That’s how much I’m looking forward to this! This will be the last @firewindmusic show of 2022, hope to see all our Dutch fans there 🇳🇱🤘🏻🤘🏻

Check out Gus’ video message below:

The timetable for Brainstorm Festival 2022 is now available. Once again, there is plenty to experience this year. Moreover, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary as a festival, which is extra reason to make it a great party!

Friday, November 4th:
Scar Symmetry / Signum Regis / Wytch Hazel / Vetrar Draugurinn

Saturday, November 5th:
Firewind / Swallow The Sun / Sleeping Romance / Iotunn / Fallen Sanctuary / Sáwol / VRS:NSMV

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