A Christmas Gift From ‘Mind Of The Sick’ [Free Downloadable Song]


Here is a little Christmas Gift from  zombie-core metal band Mind Of The Sick. A new song on youtube, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman [Instrumental], listen to the song below. The song is also available as a free download.

Mind Of The Sick is a new project formed by Noah Tubbs.  Mind Of The Sick  is musically inspired by the likes of Rob Zombie, and lyrically inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach the lost and feed the found. The new Mind Of The Sick Album Anti-Devil Superstar. album will be released  Jan 2012.  Watch the artwork below.

Their first album is still avalable as a free and legal download. Tracklist and download link can be found below.

1) Intro
2) Monster
3) This Nightmare
4) Death to old life.
5)  Only living dead.
6) Torn Again
7) Dance
8 ) The Munster Rag and Jesus Freak Side Show Frenzy
9) Exploit the pigs.
10) Stronger

You can download the bands debut album here:

Weblinks: Official Website / Facebook  Reverbnation

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