‘Felipe Fr3ak’ Entire “Out Of Darkness” Album Available for Streaming


Felipe Fr3akFelipe Fr3ak (solo project of Felipe de Andrade), released a new album, called “Out Of Darkness”.

The EP contains 7 tracks that mix influences of Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal, and is recommended for fans of For Today, Mortification and Killswitch Engage.

The entire album is available for streaming below.

“Out Of Darkness” was released by Lex Metalsi Records in a limited edition of 50 copies with several bonus track.

Recorded between March and July 2014, “Out Of Darkness” was produced in Sputnik Home Studio by Felipe de Andrade with sound engineer Michel de Oliveira.

Out of Darkness (2014)

“Out Of Darkness” (Limited Edition)

01 Feeling Alone
02 God Bless The Fallen
03 Why
04 Out Of Darkness (Feat. Michel Oliveira of Seven Seals Of The Apocalypse)
05 War & Armor
06 Even If
07 My World
*Creator Of Kkkkkkk (Hidden Track)
08 Feeling Alone (Demo)
09 God Bless The Fallen (Demo)
10 Why (Demo)
11 Out Of Darkness (Demo)
12 War & Armor (Demo)
13 Even If (Demo Voiceless)
14 My World (Demo Voiceless)
15 Tempo e Fora de Tempo (2012)
16 Não Muito, Mas Ainda Há Tempo (Feat. Henriq Lemos of Days Of Glory – 2012)

Live Line-Up
Marcos Rosa – Guitar
Isac Alves – Bass
Victor Padovani – Drums
Felipe de Andrade – Vocals/Guitar

Demo (2010)
“O Desertar De Uma Nova Forma” (2011)
“Por Aí” (2013)
“Out Of Darkness” (2014)

Weblinks: Fan page : Felipe Fr3ak

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