Thrash Metal Band ‘Crushing The Deceiver’ Drops Third Single & Lyric Video for ‘Forever Free’, Debut Album Coming In Spring 2018


Clovis based Christian Thrash Metal band Crushing The Deceiver has released a third single from their upcoming album, which will be released spring 2018 through Roxx Records.

The band states: “We are getting very excited for the debut release from Crushing The Deceiver next year! Check out this very cool demo version of the new track titled, ‘Forever Free’. Featuring a guest solo from the one and only Christian Metal pioneer, Greg Minier of The Crucified. ”

Crushing The Deceiver formed in late 2016. The band is primarily a duo, consisting of Grant and Johnny, but as they grow and start to play shows they will be adding some excellent players to bring you an exciting live show. Both of them have played music for many years in various styles and line ups but one thing has been prominent, they both LOVE metal!

Grant has been playing since 1991, he was only 7 years old when he started dabbling in music. He and his older brother formed the brutal Death Metal band, Artery Eruption in 1996. He later played in various bands including the Death Metal band Devouring Humanity, Pop-Punk band Genetically Altered, Tech-Death band Strangulated, and Tech-Death band Epileptic Mastication. Through it all his favorite genre of music has always been Thrash, but he has never had the chance to be in a full on Thrash band.

Grant partnered with his current business partner Scott (the original owner of Cravings) in 2015. They would become 50/50 owners of a brand new restaurant called Cravings in Clovis, California. This led to him becoming good friends with Johnny, the second half of Crushing The Deceiver. Johnny knew that Grant had a musical background, because he works right next door to the restaurant, at the same place of ex- Artery Eruption bassist, Carl.

Johnny himself has been heavily in the music industry for 14 years playing with Metal Core bands, Breath Of The Dying, and Obfuscate. Johnny would approach Grant one day after ordering food and asked if he would like to jam some time. Grant said yes, but if he was to ever do a band again it would have to be a Christian Thrash band. At that point Grant was unsure what Johnny would say, but after some thought he was in full force and it has been full throttle ever since.

Johnny writes all the music and also records the band, Johnny is really the brains of the operation. The partnership they have has been great. Grant would write all of the lyrics and Johnny writes all the music. Together, they hope to bring a message of hope and God to the Metal community. With having a past in brutal Death Metal, Grant felt strongly it was time to glorify God with the musical talent he was blessed with.

Crushing the Deceiver are very excited to be signing with Roxx Records for their debut release and are ready to bring this new project to the people. We have spared no expense for excellence with this release starting with the brand new cover art, which you are seeing here first, which was designed by Timon Kokott who recently did the “Toxic End” cover for Freakings.

All the way down to the final mastering of this recording which will be done by James Murphy (Obituary, Testament, Death, Disincarnate) So get ready as we welcome Crushing The Deceiver to the Roxx Records label of Christian metal artists! Coming this Fall 2017 everywhere good Christian Metal is sold!

You can get a sneak peak of their very first released recording titled ‘The Light Inside Me’ in an unmastered demo format by purchasing the just released fund raising CD effort for the CHOB shop called aCross America Vol. 1 over at Christian Metal Distro.

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Lyric video for ‘Forever Free’

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