Classic Christian Rockers Fear Not Releases New Single ‘Riptide’ + Roxx Records Update


This one does not need much of an introduction. This brand new album dropped in July of 2022 and we could not keep it on the shelves. Ultimately early pressings have all sold out and we would receive request after request through the holidays for people wanting this CD version of this monster of an album.

Well its time to get it back out there again in 2023. We will have our 2023 pressing of this Christian Metal classic in our hand in January and you will be able to get it once again! That album Fields of Sorrow from Christian Rockers ‘FEAR NOT

“Fields of Sorrow” was named in countless ‘Best of 2022’ releases and
has been receiving critical acclaim and accolades all year long.

Heavens Metal Radio Album of The Year – Reaching # 3 for album of the year “Fields of Sorrow”

Heavens Metal Magazine Album of the Year – Reaching # 9 for album of the year “Fields of Sorrow”

Dead To Self Radio – Reaching #1 most requested for December with the track ‘Voluntary Madness’

Christian Rock.Net Top 100 singles of 2022 – Reaching # 55 with the single “Fields of Sorrow”

Christian Music Weekly Top 100 singles of 2022 – Reaching # 60 with the single “Fields of Sorrow”

Iridium Reviews Top 25 albums for 2022 – Reaching # 3 for album of the year with “Fields of Sorrow

“Fields of Sorrow” sees Fear Not embarking on a new musical journey with the release of their sophomore full length album which takes the listener on a heavy and heartfelt journey with the band as they prepare to release this full length album of all new music with meaning. 

The Metal Resource – Donovan The Necker

Lastly, Heavens Metal Radio also named the track ‘Riptide’ as their # 1 Christian Rock track of the Year!

Today we launch the brand single and lyric video for ‘Riptide’ so get on out there and request this track wherever you listen to your music.

2023 will be another big year for Fear Not with multiple shows lined up and working with Roxx Records on more special releases for 2023. Be sure to catch the band live at one of their scheduled appearances this year.

Exodo Fest in Mexico (April 6-8)

The Whisky (direct support for Stryper) (June 6) Hollywood, CA

Immortal Fest (with The Brave, Resurrection Band & more) (Sept 2-3) Ohio

Stay Tuned for more shows to come!

For now get those orders in for the CD version of “Fields of Sorrow” now, second pressing releases on January 20, 2023

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