‘Living Fire’ Announces Release of New Album “Dead To Sin”


LivingFireAlbumCoverThumper Punk Records is stoked to announce the release of “Dead To Sin”, the sophomore release from Brazil’s street punk preachers Living Fire. “Dead To Sin” features 45 minutes of blistering street punk and Oi! fueled by passion, energy and praise.  Musically subtle as a sledgehammer, Living Fire seeks to transmit God’s word to places where it would not be received through conventional means.  Essential listening for fans of Rancid, UK Subs, and FBS, or for anyone strapping on their boots to face life’s harsh realities.

“Dead To Sin” is the band’s follow-up effort to their debut album “Jesus Rules”, which was jointly released by Thumper Punk Records and Saved Records in August 2012.  “Dead To Sin” is available for download, and through iTunes and other digital retailers.  CDs are available through the Thumper Punk Records webstore.
The band consists of: Luis Medeiros:- Bass/Vocals, Murillo Henrique Xavier – Guitar, Wesley Farin Chimiski – Guitar, Michel Oliveira – Drums
1. Almight Lord 02:22
2. These Words 02:24
3. Answer Me 02:22
4. Eyes Unto The Heavens 02:04
5. J.C.H.C. 02:56
6. Psalm 100 02:10
7. He Brought The Word 02:21
8. Skinheads 4 Christ 03:00
9. Desire Of The Deer 02:18
10. Not For The Word 02:21
11. Indescritivel Amor 03:10
12. I Am An Old-Timer 04:18
13. Let’s Celebrate Christmas 02:46
14. Jesus Is Not Dead [LIVE Bonus Track] 02:39
15. Come With Us [LIVE Bonus Track] 02:48
16. I Want You Lord [LIVE Bonus Track] 04:08
Dead To Sin

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