Video Footage of Sleeping Romance’s Acoustic Gig at Brainstorm Festival 2016 Available


Sleeping Romance (2015)Last weekend was the ninth edition of the annual Brainstorm Festival. The Italian female fronted metal band Sleeping Romance played an acoustic set in the theater of the Gigant. Watch the videos below:

Frontwoman Federica Lanna says:So guys this is a little memory of our acoustic gig at Brainstorm! It’s the cover of the heartbreaking ‘You learn about it’, a song of the dutch band The Gathering. Hope you’ll like it! I want to thank the audience, because you gave us the energy we needed after the long trip. Metal kisses to all of you! Il metallo \m/”

Initially Sea + Air would perform but due to illness they had to cancel their performance. Even though it was very last minute, Federico Truzzi (guitar) & Federica Lanna (vocals) of Sleeping Romance were willing to replace them. Respect for them.

In august of last year, Sleeping Romance joined forces with legendary metal and hard rock label, Napalm Records and signed a worldwide record deal! 

Sleeping Romance is currently working on their second album which is scheduled to be released in 2017, and will contain an evolution of the band’s sound without moving away from the original concept and vision of Sleeping Romance. “We are really excited about it! There is a lot of work ahead but we are sure it will be a killer album. Il metallo!!”

Sleeping Romance debut album “Enlighten” was released on November 1st in Europe and December 3rd 2013 in North America through Ulterium Records. “Enlighten” was mastered by Roberto Priori [Los Angeles, Danger Zone, Vision Divine] and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth].

To read our review of “Enlighten” click here.

Brainstorm Fest 2016

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Video below: ‘You Lear About It’ (The Gathering)

Video below: ‘What Have You Done’ (Within Temptation)

Video below: ‘Catch The Sun’ (New Sleeping Romance song)

Video below: ‘Utopia’ (Within Temptation)

Video below: ‘Lost In My Eyes’ (New Sleeping Romance song)

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