‘False Idle’s’ New Album ‘Threat’ Releases Today


False Idle bandphotoThreat… Your heart pounds; you feel edgy, like something huge is about to happen… A mix of hope and fear, like the first step into a war you can’t avoid. Lucky for you, it’s hope that wins out in the debut full-length release from punk rock powerhouse, False Idle. This most recent release is a call-to-arms, an anthem for the unknown in a world in decline. With melodic overtones reminiscent of Rise Against, and a breakneck drive like Anti-Flag, Threat has something for everyone. Borrowing the mastering magic of Jason Livermore of the Blasting Room, this is a punk rock album that shows a much more mature False Idle.

After releasing 2 EP’s, respectively Hymns of Punk Rock Praise, and the I Refuse EP, Threat is a poke in the eyeball of this comfortable, complacent American society. With musical influences as dynamic and unique as the members themselves, False Idle has crafted a collection of songs touching on societal issues like greed, the corruption of politics and media, and even much more personal and poignant issues in family. But there’s nothing like unity, brotherhood, and ineffable hope to balance out the ugliness in the world. Front-man Sef Idle digs deep on his 15+ years of punk rock, delivering an in-your-face challenge to live for more. Sef has teamed up again with fellow uniSEF bandmate and guitarist, Tyler Lewis, as well as veteran drummer, Phil Harris, and bassist, Seth Warren to experiment and push the boundaries both musically and thematically of mainstream punk rock.

False Idle has been steadily asking more of themselves, and it shows in the music and the song writing. Wholeheartedly abandoning the monotony of typical 1-4-5 punk with songs like “On Tomorrow”, “A Tension”, and “Façade”, False Idle keeps the listener on their toes. With unexpected chord structures and purposefully erratic rhythms, Threat is already receiving attention. Indie Vision Music, The Metal Resource, Jesus Freak Hideout, and even HM Magazine have taken notice of False Idle’s previous releases. With plans for a summer/fall tour of the West Coast, as well as many local shows, False Idle has honed their live shows into an experience that doesn’t disappoint.

To sum it up, Threat is an album that will leave you demanding more than the status quo, knowing that we’re not alone in this fight. We stand together in the face of the “acceptable” and draw a line in the sand against the American norm. It’s time to fight for what we all believe!!

“Threat is a stampede of punk rock assault, that oozes buckets of spiky hair, studded jackets, Doc Marten-wearing punk rock. It sets the bar very high, and certainly puts it as a strong contender for Christian punk album of the year.” Donovan de Necker (JCHC Slam and Dance Show).

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False Idle - Threat (2013)

1. Sideswipe (0:52)
2. On Tomorrow (2:18)
3. Facade (3:43)
4. One Cause One Fight (2:52)
5. Among the Dead (3:12)
6. Land of Me (2:40)
7. Threat (3:13)
8. A Tension (1:54)
9. New Brand of Revolution (3:29)
10. Retaliate (1:10)
11. Where Do We Go (2:29)
12. In the Dark (2:44)

Band Members:
Sef Idle (vocals, guitar)
Tyler Lewis (guitar, vocals)
Seth Warren (bass, vocals)
Philip Harris (drums)

Weblinks: Website / Myspace / Facebook / Twitter

Interview With ‘False Idle’ [Nov. 2011]

Video below: “Threat” album teaser

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