Faith-based Deathgrind Metal Band Mangled Carpenter Prepare to Release “Salvation Syndrome”, Lyric Video for ‘Lumberyard’ Released


With the dust now settled from the impact of their pulverizing 2021 debut album, Under The Shadow, the time is right for the return of Mangled Carpenter! Heavier than ever, the idiosyncratic edge to their song writing cutting even deeper and still delighting in the simple pleasures of bludgeoning brute force, Monterey, California’s most reliably devastating export are back with nine new songs that delve once more into the complexities of human nature. Salvation Syndrome awaits and the countdown to sonic annihilation has begun…

Mangled Carpenter have been in existence since 2005, but it’s from 2019 onwards that they really started to make their mark on the extreme metal scene. An array of singles and EPs were released in the two years leading up to the Under The Shadow album, which Time For Metal hailed for its impressive “thunderstorm of blastbeats” and which HM Magazine noted “fascinates and offends the senses”. Now vocalist/guitarist Seth Metoyer, bassist Kris Olson and infamous drummer Mac Hine have raised the bar in every respect. Salvation Syndrome lands blow after blow of concussive power; entwining bone-shaking, shuddering riffs and a colossal drum assault with absorbing atmosphere and enthralling, surprising song structures. With guest appearances from

Betrayal’s Chris Ackerman, Becoming The Archetype’s Jason Wisdom and long term Mangled Carpenter supporter Rob Clark, Salvation Syndrome reaches into new areas of extremity, expanding the band’s bloodstained palette to magnificent effect. With songs like ‘A Path To Sorrow’ and ‘Lumberyard’ added to their armoury Mangled Carpenter now possess formidable levels of firepower.

To ensure the maximum global impact for Salvation Syndrome, labels Rottweiler Records and Broken Curfew Records have combined their strength, both lending their support to the album which will be unleashed on October 27th. With the impactful artwork of the band’s own Seth Metoyer completing the Salvation Syndrome package the album is the quintessential representation of Mangled Carpenter in 2023 – uncompromising beliefs and uncompromising music united in one scorching payload!

Track Listing:
1 – Lumberyard
2 – A Path To Sorrow (feat. Chris Ackerman)
3 – They Already Know
4 – Salvation Syndrome
5 – Severed
6 – Faith Delusion
7 – Spit Parade (feat. Jason Wisdom)
8 – J.G.S.H.
9 – Receive Him (Feat. Rob Clark)

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Lyric video for ‘Lumberyard’


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