“Extreme Metal Night” November 23th. 2013, Campos dos Goytacazes – RJ, Brazil


extreme.frontAfter years without receiving concerts with large scale bands of the underground level, the city of Campos dos Goytacazes/Rio de Janeiro receive’s on a rainy Saturday 3 of the most popular Christian Brazilian.

Since the beginning of the day, it is raining over our heads, and because this a delay happen, but nothing exaggerated, nearly 35 minutes.

The first band to play are a native band, called Metal Alpha, that plays a mix of the modern genres of Metal and put the crowd to jump with their songs especially with their best song called “Revolução”.

The next band to play are Saint Spirit, that unfortunately are impaired with the rain and technical problems which resulted in cutting some songs from their set list (including a new track called “Nameless”).  But even with these mishaps the band make a good and energic concert with a lot of stage divings and mosh pits. Courtesy from the fanatic crowd present. Highlights were “Prostitute”, “Release The Kraken”, “Territory (Sepultura Cover)” and “The Unknow God”.

With a unique sound, Puritan are one of the most expected bands to be saw in “Extreme Metal Night” and this crushing power trio make’s a true slaughter in the concert. Walls of death in profusion and a mosh pit only for girls make’s this one of the most angry Puritan’s concert that I have the honor in contemplate. The best moment happens when Rodrigo Bizoro (Saint Spirit) rise in the stage to sing a medley of two Trino’s song (early band from the drummer Fabio Kiefer). Absolutally amazing !

To end the festival with a golden key, Antidemon on stage ! After a long world tour , the band are playing their second concert in Brazil and their first show in Campos with na audience simply crazy ! Batista and their friends make a invitation to all the people present bang your heads til broken the neck’s. In some moments are possible see 2 or 3 circle pits in the same time ! Absolutely insane ! A great change of energy between band and audience has felt in the air. Highlights were classics like “Apodrecida”, “Demonocidio”, “Vírus” and “Viajem”

Besides technical failures, this first edition of Extreme Metal Night brings good teachings to the organizers, bands and audience. That other editions can came soon !

Written by Márllon Matos

extremeMetal Alphasaint spiritpuritanantidemon

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Puritan‘s Wall of Death in the song “Faixa de Gaza” VIDEO

Antidemon playing “Welcome to death”, Mosh pit – Only for girls ! VIDEO

Video below Antidemon ‘Demonocidio’

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