Xnoizz Flevo Festival 2011


It was time again for my yearly attendance of the Xnoizz Flevo Festival. The Xnoizz Flevo Festival is a yearly Dutch open air festival started in 1978 as Kamperland Festival organized by the Dutch arm of Youth for Christ but since 2002 it became a private foundation. This year festival is held in Busloo from 18 until 21 August 2011. It was six times in a row already for me. But this years the line-up was outstanding with allot of metal bands. Bands like As I Lay Dying, Underoath and Brian ‘Head’ Welch made it sure I was there again.

Day 1

We arrived pretty early to get a nice place by the water. So after everything was ready we went to get our wristbands and see the opening. The opening was done by the Psalters. Everybody was still a bit sleepy I guess because they were just starring and waiting to enter.

So we entered and after a greeting by some really happy people dressed as angels we did explore the whole site a bit. This year’s setup was a bit different and I must say it was a nice setup.

First band to watch was The Red 17. This band features the singer from ska band Make Up Your Mind and they had the privilege to open for Flatfoot 56 in Amersfoort earlier this year. But they played better in Amersfoort. Especially the vocals were pretty of key at times.

After that we went to see The Circle Ends. This Dutch-Swiss metal/rock band played an acoustic set at the Tuinkamer. (This was a shipping container dressed as a living room) They did a great job but I liked to see them with a full band.

Next Maggie’s Bookshop this band comes from our part of the Netherlands. But I hadn’t seen them before. They play nu-metal/rapcore in the vein of Rage against the machine and older P.O.D. a style that tries to made a little comeback with bands like Limp Bizkit reuniting. They played an awesome set with allot of energy and passion. The crowd needed to charge a little bit. (it is only the first day) But it was pretty busy at their merch table which is usually a good sign.

After some food it was time for the German ska band Good Weather Forecast. It was a little bit to polished in my taste but most of the audience seem to enjoy them. Even through it rained allot of people were dancing. It was a fun performance.

After they played we heard about the situation at “Pukkelpop”.We prayed for everybody involved there and the families. From here I want to give condolences to all the families and strength in this hard time. But our festival continued and I must say I didn’t realize it was such a big accident until I saw the footage at home.

So next old Korn gitarist Brian ´Head´ Welch on mainstage. Who played an awesome set which even included some Korn songs. After he ended with ‘Die Religion Die’ He encouraged everyone to be who they want to be because God loves them the way they are and he hoped to see everyone at the Underoath concert.

So no time to relax it was time for Underoath. The “Notenkraker” (the biggest tent) was packed when they began. They started out a little late and the sound was a big mess when they began. The sound was better halfway the first song and with the second song it was okay. They played a set mostly focused on their later work. Understandable since there line-up is pretty different now. Spencer and Tim did an okay job filling the clean vocals from Aaron Gillespie and the big bearded Daniel Davison was spot-on on drums. Awesome show!

Vacant Mouth
In Division
Young and Aspiring
Who Will Guard the Guardians
In Regards to Myself
In Completion
Breathing in a New Mentality
Paper Lung
A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White
Writing on the Walls

After a drink and some fresh air it was time for Social Suicide to bring their Norwegian Hardcore. It was a mystery why they choose to put them after Underoath. But they played a nice show. There original vocalist wasn’t there. But the guy who did it did a great job. Next time let the younger band play before a band like Underoath. Because allot of people left after Underoath and such a young band deserves more.

Day 2

After a long night at the campsite with little sleep time for the next day. We start the day with acoustic alternative worship by the Psalters at the Oase (a place with 2 Bedouin Tents). After some food we went to see the reggae band HikoiKoi. They played a nice set. Especially the drummer was fun to watch playing drums and keyboard at the same time.

Next we went to see the Dutch indierock band Ponoka with their theater show. Rick de Gier was reading from his book Nineve and in between playing songs from the soundtrack “Outtakes from the Revival Songbook”. We saw them somewhere earlier this year in Hedon Zwolle so after some songs we left again.

Instead we went to a seminar by the Psalters about Anarcho-Primitivism in the Oase. Which was interesting and stinging nettle tea was delicious. More info can be found at https://www.inthelandoftheliving.org/

Listener played next in the ‘Tuinkamer’. It was awesome to see them after we could not see them at Freakstock. They had some difficulties with the sound and broken strings. But they played an awesome set.

After dinner with some noodles Brian ‘Head’ Welch played in the ‘Notenkraker’. His setlist was a bit different and there was more interaction with the audience. When he announced his new single will be available in October but He didn’t know if it will be available in Europe. If it wasn’t available we could download/steal it. When he said that, people cheered more for downloading/stealing. He replied with the remark that he thought this was a Christian festival and it was a test and everybody failed. 😉

Save Me From Myself
Bass Solo
Korn Instrumental Medley
Die Religion Die

As I Lay Dying played next in the “Notenkraker”. The tent was packed again and everybody was eagerly waiting. They came and concurred. They played mostly songs from their last two albums but also the older ones aren’t forgotten. The security tried to keep the pit under control (which is understandable (to many young kids)) but has a hard time to keep the necessary overview. But it did not spoil any fun. It was an awesome show!

Within Destruction
The Sound Of Truth
Upside Down Kingdom
Though Struggle
An Ocean Between Us
Anodyne Sea
Nothing Left
94 Hours

HB on mainstage was the next thing to go to. They played a nice set and everyone was enjoying it. But I can’t get rid of the impression that there are allot of better bands in this genre. Too bad most of them are not ‘Christian’. Hopefully this band will still grow allot and compete with the ‘secular’ bands.

While most of our group went to their tents afterwards, I choose to see Mensenkinderen. A new dutch indie band by Bas van Nienes from electro band Anderson. There were nice but after a half hour I choose to go to Charles Frail in the Belofte (a tent made mostly made from wood). The singer songwriter was an awesome way to end this day.

Day 3

We started this day with some songs from the German band Sacrety. Who played at the smaller open stage called the “Frontline”. The songs sounded nice but we where a bit late to get a full impression.

After that was time for Listener in the “Belofte”. There show was even greater then there last one. This time no sound problems. They played mostly songs from Wooden Heart, but also a new poem and some older songs. Great show!

After them another guy I missed at Freakstock. Reverend Vince Anderson and his dirty gospel sound. This guy has allot of energy and he did get allot of crowd participation. He even answered some questions from some people between the songs. The Psalters also came and did the last song with him. Another excellent performance!

Next the Psalters, this was there full set performance and they said that this was going to be a high energy performance. They started with a song accompanied by Rev. Vince Anderson. Wow what a massive energy and they kept it that way the whole set long. Everybody was dancing and yelling along.

After some food we attended a seminar/concert from Schrijvers voor gerechtigheid a Dutch collective of singer-songwriter and poets. Who wrote a cd about bringing justice to the world. These were meant to sing in the church and I must say these songs are awesome and nice to sing along to.

It was time for some more hard music. The Spirit that Guides Us played in the “Notenkraker”. There was huge line of people waiting in front of the tent. When about half of the people were in the tent the band was already playing. Thru this weird start the audience was a bit tame in the beginning. But when they played “Moth and rust” from “Don’t Shoot Let Us Burn” the crowd was alive again. They played allot of new songs from “Innocent Blood” and they sounded awesome.

The Headliner was already next; Red on mainstage. I enjoyed their first release, not a big fan of their follow-up record but the newest one was step in the right direction again. There set was awesome. They started with allot of firework. It was a high energetic show and we even got a drumsolo. They ended with their hit single Breathe. I wasn’t sure this was the best band for the headliner but they exceeded my expectations. Awesome performance!

After Red was finished we had still allot of energy in our bodies. So we went to see The Medics, a Dutch band who play dance-able rock. And dancing is what we did. There was no better way to end this awesome festival.

Overall this year’s Xnoizz Flevo Festival was a big success. A nice weekend with awesome bands, nice people, greater friends and a great organization! Thanks for all! Until next year 16 until 19 August 2012 see you there.

Xnoizz Flevo Festival

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