‘Extol’ ‘Contribution In Many Forms’, News About The Upcoming DVD


ExtolDVDNorwegian death metallers Extol issued the following message:

“Extol: of light and shade” is in active production as of april 2013, and we still have many months to go. The premiere will be in the fall of 2013 and by then we will have been working on this for two whole years. Even though the total production budget is 350.000$, we have only been able to fund 90.000$, so it is self evident that this is nothing less than a huge collective effort. Many of you contributed to our amazing crowd funding campaign* , that resulted in 27.212$ collected funds for the production. But we have a long way to go, and we could really use your help! This is how you can still contribute to this production:


The director, being an animator himself, is planning to make a film filled with different expressions and art forms. This is where you come in! We need talented fans of Extol to make their mark on this film. So if you do any of the following on hobby, part time or full time basis:

* Animation
* Illustration
* Film/art film

Music/film scoring (music and other sonic landscapes appropriate for use in film)
…and would like to receive big or small assignments for this production. Please let us know on aasmund(a)animidas.no or just contact us via our Facebook-page www.facebook.com/extolfilm. Until we receive full funding, which may or may not happen, we will have extremely limited funds to pay contributors. But you will in any case be credited with full name/company and get exclusive goodies from the production! Make your mark!

Your Story

Since we started this production in 2011, we always knew that we wanted the fans of Extol to be a big part of both the process and the film! Here is how you can end up in the final film:

If Extol, the members and or the music has meant something special for you or influenced your life in any way – let us know! Film yourself telling this story with any means available to you, and send this on a file to us using the following address aasmund(a)animidas.no or a service like filemail.com or yousendit.com.

If your story ends up in the final film; expect film credits, goodies and our eternal gratefulness!


Our financiers range from private people to national film funds. If anyone wants to join this exclusive club; please let us know. We can also offer space in the title sequence, credits or other parts of the film. As long as the desired product or name is something we can and want to be affiliated with. We will happily consider sponsorships, private and corporate investments and professional affiliations from all over the world.

Please note that this is not a part of the crowd funding campaign for this movie. Even though we can always find a way to compensate your investment, this falls outside of the crowd funding platform.


Earlier this month, the band revealed the final DVD title: “Ever since production started on this documentary, we’ve been using the working title “Extol – a documentary”. We always knew we were going to change this, and today is the day. The new, official and final title of this documentary is; “Extol: of light and shade”. 

The title reference the song from the album ‘Undeceived’ released back in  2000, and captures the essence of the story we are telling in this documentary. ”

Weblinks: Facebook / Twitter / Website / Myspace / Crowdfunding Campaign

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