Evanescence Frontwoman Amy Lee Speaks on Returning to Their ‘Rock Side’ With Their New Material (Video Interview)


This past April Evanescence announced that their new album “The Bitter Truth” would be arriving later this year, after initially emerging via a series of singles. The band’s frontwoman Amy Lee recently told SiriusXM of where they are that with that:

“We’re still ongoing. We don’t have a release date, but I kind of like to look at it like it’s happening now. The idea behind this whole thing was always to go one at a time, release it at a little at a time, in real-time with fans, while it’s still going on and it’s still fresh and live in the moment more.

So, in my mind it is being released – this is part of it. We live in a new world where it’s not all about dropping a big pile of music all at once. People don’t always consume music that way… I don’t.

I still want to make an album, that’s still who we are and I think that’s important to our fans, so we’re doing that. We will drop the back half or whatever soon, but I don’t have a date because I never want to put a date down when I’m still writing. It has to be right.

But we’re getting there and it’s sounding really cool and it’s definitely not orchestral – we haven’t put a single sting down yet… There are guitars. There’s a lot of guitars!”

As for the sound of the new material they have been working on, she offered:

“We’re kinda letting the pendulum swing back. We went that way and that was beautiful… That was special, that experience with “Synthesis“. But that’s all really just been setting us up to come back in full force with the more rock side of who we are.” – The entire video interview can be seen below.

Earlier this month the band debuted a new track titled ‘Use My Voice’, which you can stream here. Members of Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Within Temptation and Lee‘s own family were among the featured guests.

‘Use My Voice’ has been chosen by HeadCount in the USA to encourage voters to register, check their registration, or find out about their remote voting options amidst the Covid-19 pandemic at UseMyVoice.org.

‘Use My Voice‘ follows ‘Wasted On You and‘The Game Is Over as the third track to be released from “The Bitter Truth”Evanescence‘s forthcoming new album, and their first containing all-new material in nearly a decade

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