Desert Rose Agency Presents: Female Italian Voices Symphonic Metal Nights April 2020


Desert Rose Agency presents: Female Italian Voices Symphonic Metal Nights 2020 with Ancient Bards, Sleeping Romance & Kalidia.

So save the date in your agenda, And make sure you attend one of the Female Italian Voices shows.

17-04 Cafe Central – Weinheim (DE)
18-04 De Flux – Zaandam (NL)
19-04 Willemeen – Arnhem (NL)

Desert Rose Agency is an independent bookingsagency. Amongst the bands on the roster are Theocracy (USA), Sleeping Romance (ITA), Morgarten (CH), Within Silence (SK) and Leonov (NO). Also the agency has done European tours with for example Wind Rose (ITA),  Welicoruss (RUS), Nightland (ITA) and Undawn (NL).

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