Sleeping Romance – “Alba”


This symphonic metal band from Italy released their second album. The started at the Swedish label Ulterium Record, best known for the band Theocracy. Sleeping Romance even joined Theocracy on their tour in 2013. They have toured through Europe since then. They played for example at Brainstorm Festival and Fearless Festival in the Netherlands and at Christmas Rock Night in Germany. They signed at Napalm Records in 2015 and released Alba in November 2017.

This album begins with an instrumental song. It is relaxing and sounds really divine. It starts with violins and cellos. Then the drums join to make it more dramatic. It builds up to a point where a choir joins all the instruments. It really got that orchestral feeling and that makes me feel like they really got a good feeling for symphonic metal. Eventually an organ joins and even a guitar makes his way in it. This makes an great bridge for the song after it. Where the Light is Bleeding starts calm, but that soon changes. The sound is much rougher, but the violins in combination with the guitars just sound so good. The riffs on the guitar are very melodic and make with the drums a great beat to headbang to. The bridge of the song starts calmly and almost sounds like music from a music box but gets harder towards the end. This is a great begin of their album. It already shows me what a talented musicians they are. The song Forgiveness got a nice intro. Some orchestral feeling but also very good guitar riffs. Towards the end of the intro it even picks up speed. It sounds really cool and even than it fits with that orchestral sound. The couplet sounds calming and builds up to a great combination of all the instruments. My Temptation is together with Everything Behind my favorite song on the album. These are, in my opinion, the best combination of metal and the orchestra on the album. These are heavy songs but also keep having a feeling of divinity. That is the feeling I get when listening to sympho metal. When it’s done right, it just sounds amazing.

I have seen them for the first time at Fearless Festival and I didn’t thought much of them then, but this album is, in my opinion, much better than their first album. They have more experience with this music style and that shows. This band reminds me of HB, one of my favorite sympho metal bands. They just play their music like its so natural and I finally get that feeling with this album. It shows me that they have grown. I like it when bands get more accustomed to their style and make it their own. Their sound is unique in a way I can’t explain. Hopefully we hear more from them.

Written by Joshua

Rating: 8/10

Track listing:
1. Overture – Twilight
2. Where The Light Is Bleeding
3. Lost In My Eyes
4. Touch The Sun
5. Forgiveness
6. My Temptation
7. Across The Sea
8. Everything Behind
9. Through The Looking Glass
10. Alba
11. Underture – Daylight

Band members:
Federico Truzzi – Guitars, Orchestration
Federica Lanna – Vocals
Lorenzo Costi – Bass
Francesco Zanarelli – Drums
Fabrizio Incao – Guitars

“Enlighten” (2013 ) [review]
‘Fire & ice’ (single, 2014)
“Alba” (2017)

Record Label: Napalm Records, Nov. 2017

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Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Video for ‘Where The Light Is Bleeding’

Lyric Video for ‘My Temptation’

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