‘Deliverance’ frontman ‘Jimmy P. Brown’: A Musing About Chris Hyde… (More Memories)


Chris Hyde (Drums)As previously reported, Chris Hyde aka DrJekyl former drummer of Vengeance Rising (1991) and Deliverance (1985–1990) has died last wednesday (feb. 18) at age 50. Here is another post by Deliverance frontman Jimmy Brown about our brother Chris Hyde.

‘Memories have been flooding over the past few days since Chris’ passing… Brian Khairullah and I spent hours on the phone the other day as well as countless others… But Brian and I knew Chris so well as we were with each other 4/5 days a week for several years… So many stories, but I have to share these because they are quite amusing…’

‘So, in 1986, I began to tell Chris, Brian and Larry that we needed to go in another direction musically. I showed them two new songs I had written “Attack” and “Stand Up and Fight”. They weren’t sure about it, though Larry was the first to gravitate to it because of the intricate rhythms involved. So, I showed them a few songs from Metallica and Slayer. Of course, we were all good christian boys who should not be listening to such. And that was my point! Nobody in the christian scene was doing this kind of music…’

‘So, when working with Chris, I would tell him “it’s kik, snare, kik snare with the ride cymbal played fast at 16th notes. After a few hours, he looked at me, stopped playing and said “this is completely stupid! Who plays like this? People are going to think I’m a terrible drummer!” I told him it would be quite the opposite, and that if he can make his double bass sound like a helicopter taking off, so much the better. He again protested and said “this is ridiculous! No one will take me seriously as a drummer” I told him, Chris. You are going to be the Dave Lombardo of Christian Metal!!! He asked “who’s Dave Lombardo?” LOL’

‘Needless to say, Chris became one of the well known drummers and a leader in the fast double bass riff monster drummers of all time in the CCM world. His influence has been sited so many times by different drummers all throughout the years…’

One more story…

‘We were playing the Oasis Club in Hollywood, CA. Chris wasn’t feeling too well and he was laying in the back bed of my truck resting up for the show. One of my friends who roadies for us named Jimmy Griffin wandered down the street, comes back and says oh man, this just came out today. I gotta hear it! Do you mind if I play it on your stereo? Well forgetting Chris was laying in the back bed and there were 4 speakers lining the bed of the truck, I agreed. He puts in the cassette, and we hear for the first time “March of the SOD”… Me, Larry Farkas and Brian Khairullah are listening to this and are floored at the heaviness, the brutality, the utter raw blistering speed of Charlie Benante and Scott Ian. Chris crawls out of the back of the truck and says, “I feel like I gotta throw up”… Weeks, months, even years later, everytime he heard me or anyone else playing “March of the SOD” he said he’d get that sick to the stomach nauseating feeling…’

‘Those were good days… Good times…’

‘Miss you Chris…’


Video below: Deliverance‘Weapons of our Warfare’

Video below: Vengeance Rising – ‘Hyde under pressure’

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