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Defyd Defyd are primarily a progressive alternative rock group out of Bangalore, India. In just over a year since its formation, the band has taken some giant steps, including the release of two singles, and has been acquiring a fast-growing reputation as an engaging and energetic live act. Defyd’s musical roots lie in multiple genres, thanks to the diverse backgrounds and influences that each member brings to the table. The compositions are a well-balanced mix of accessibility and complexity, frequently juxtaposing technical prowess with song writing finesse.

In the field of today’s progressive rock bands that often forge their foot prints on past legends of the progressive rock world, Defyd place a refreshing taste on their music by largely incorporating modern elements of the genre and embrace a sound of their own that gives the band some legs of credibility.

It is in this that the band incorporates multiple genres, each musician welding their diverse background and influence together to formalize an original act that is not hindered by in the box thinking. They have acquiring a fast-growing reputation as an engaging and energetic live act.

What we find with Defyd is a band in the state of growing, and like many bands finding its feet and forging a place in the music world. It’s a band that strives to bring compositions which are a well-balanced mix of accessibility and complexity, with technical prowess and song writing finesse. The lyric content dig into contemplative and introspective themes, cast in simplicity and, at times, you’ll discover some subtle humour. The band’s debut full-length was released in 2013.

“…Do I Burn These Bridges” – is a mid tempo progressive rocker, the modern rock touch is evident throughout, and enhanced by the very melodic and clean vocals. “Abandoned” starts off things gently and melodically, like a doom ballad of sorts. The airy noise rock guitar that comes in the chorus has an atmospheric touch to itself. Again the vocals are clean yet powerful, maintaining a doomish rock approach; some great technical guitar pieces give it an arena rock appeal. “End This Illusion”, begins with a galloping drum beat as slowly the guitars pitch in almost with a modem grunge feel and then exit to a solid bass line and drums introduce the vocals. It then thunders as the guitars crash back in, for some reason Pearl Jam or Sound Garden comes to mind on this number. It’s one of my favourites. “Faithless” again explores another side of the many influences of the band, as it seems to wonder a bit through nu-metal influences and hard rock and some modern rock elements. Bands like Alter Bridge, A Perfect Circle and Creed also seem to be strong influences musically.

Overall the diversity within each song does overall cast this band as a progressive band, so if you like your rock atmospheric and technical you could find yourself pleased with this release. Still not quite sure who the target audience is for this album has its diversity might alienate some, whilst in the same breathe it could see fans of various rock orientated genre’s pull in to listen as it may have a stylistic mix that draws someone who might not, or who might rarely be open to progressive rock music. The album ends with, “Through the Veil” which in many ways has a ballady feel to it. Over all the diversity within each song is inherit, and at times remarkable, though if there is a negative, it is the album comes very close to having the songs be a repetition at times to each other. This does not take away from composition consistency and strength but is merely an observational criticism.

In conclusion a band that does not fit the normal progressive rock mould as its incorporation of multiple genres allow the band to break from conventional moulds to formalize an original act that has the ability to bring above average song writing articulation to the board. Though some of the guitar work is technically inspiring there is an air of simplicity in the approach n giving guitar solo that are both catchy and help carry the song, without it loosing pace or consistency. I was very surprised by the strength of quality, even though I still reserve a slight criticism to the album have a repetitive feel at times, but not to the overall determent of the album. I have not heard many bands out of India, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this album and wish the band all the best from here on in. If you into alternative rock that leans with a progressive rock edge with grunge and even some doom influences then this package is worth the listen for you.

For fans of: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Alter Bridge, and Trivium

Rating: 7.5/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1. …Do I Burn These Bridges
2. Abandoned
3. End This Illusion
4. Faithless
5. Through The Veil

Defyd (2014)

Band Members:
Suhas R Nair – Lead Vocalist and Rhythm guitars
Meeth Medappa – Bassist
Jeeva – Lead Guitar
Akash Samuel – Backing vocals, Guitars
Adhir Punja – Drummer

Record Label: Independent, Dec. 2013

Weblinks:  Reverbnation / Facebook

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm


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  1. thanks a lot for the kind word guys 🙂 This is Suhas form the band itself.. @Don : would love to send physical copies across.. We will try and see how feasible this is ! @Nethan : Thank you so much !

    Please do get on to our page if you need to know more or jus pay us a visit 🙂 Cheers !

  2. Coooool. Happy to read this reviews for Defyd. Suhas…….very proud of you dude

  3. Defyd has a very unique sound . loved your stuff . would love to see you live sometime

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