‘Dale Thompson’ (Bride) Reveals New Band Name ‘The World Will Burn’


Dale Thompson 2015Recently we reported that Dale Thompson (known as vocalist for Bride from 1983–2013) is back in the music scene and that he currently is working on new music with his new band. Earlier today he revealed his new band name:

‘My new band is called “THE WORLD WILL BURN”Alan and started this band to say something. We plan on saying it. We may not become the most popular band on the planet but we will be remembered and our message heard. The band has nothing to do with religion. This band is about identity. Identifying with the listener on a level where the message of the band is not drowned out and overshadowed by some sort of expectation from the listener. Being a listener means to…. LISTEN.’

Dale & Bride officially said goodbye in Dec. 2013, with a move from the U.S. to New Zealand in the following year.

Bride‘s latest & final album “Incorruptible” has been released on October 29th 2013 via Retroactive Records. “Incorruptible.” is the follow up to “Tsar Bomba” which was released in 2009.

Our review for “Incorruptible” can be found here.

In oct. 2013 we conducted an interview with Dale Thompson, if you have missed it, no problem, click here.


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