‘Empire of the Wolves’ Releases Debut EP “Prologue”, Available for Streaming In Its Entirety


empire_of_the_wolves_2015_a8aDutch based Metalcore/Deathcore band Empire of the Wolves (EOTW) has released its debut EP, which carries the title “Prologue”. It it is available for streaming in the video below, physical copies are also available through the band for €5,-.

EOTW is a new young and promising metalband hailing from Ede, the Netherlands. Fast and catchy riffs, heavy breakdowns and all range vocals.  “Our music is a fusion of mostly metalcore and deathcore, but we are not defined by just those genres.”

The band is comprised of: Andrew Veenendaal – vocals, Vangelis Stekelenburg – 1st Guitar, Kevin Oosten – 2nd Guitar, Luïgi Mansi – Drums, Rutger Bakelaar – Bass.

1. Released
2. These are our lives
3. Karma
4. Loaded guns
5. My rage
6. Questions

Weblinks: Facebook / Instagram

Video below: “Prologue” EP

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