Christmas Rock Night 2011


With a great line-up Christmas Rock Night was again on our list to attend. This yearly Christian rock festival was founded in 1980 and this year held in Ennepetal Germany. I attended each year since 2007. We arrived after we left our baggage at our Youth Hostel. But first it was time to get something to eat.

Day 1
After diner we went to see I Am Empire at mainstage. When we arrived the band was halfway there set. Singer Austin Lyons has not only a unique voice but also a his way to connect to the audience is very unique. It takes some time to get used to but I liked it.

Icon For Hire was next on the side stage. They had some technical problems when they started. After it was solved the band played a nice set. Maybe a little bit too much ballads for my taste.

Back to mainstage for Children 18:3. It was the 3rd year they played. They played a nice set with some new songs they are recording right now in the studio and as always a great drumsole from Seth.

Next our friends from John Coffey we had to miss them at mainstage. Just returned from Sweden where they recorded their new album with producer Pelle Gunnerfeldt and Jag Jago. They played only two song from their debut the rest where new songs. At the end most of the bandmembers played off stage and the audience was on stage. The new songs sounded really good and I am looking forward to their new album!

Wolves At The Gate was next on the side stage. This young band from US Cedarville, Ohio played a nice set. Although their songs are a little bit predictable and not very original it was fun to see them.

Headliner Skillet was next. It was packed in front of the mainstage. They played an awesome set. They brought a violin and a cello player along with them. With songs like Savior, Comatose, Monster, Hero and others the audience went crazy. We also got a solo from most of the members. I loved the cello and violin solo. But the guitar solo wasn’t a success. Overall it was an awesome performance.

Day 2
After a good night sleep at our Youth Hostel and some time at the Euroshop it was time for Christmas Rock Night Day2.
We started our day with Icon For Hire at mainstage. They played with allot of energy they songs sounded better then on the sidestage. We also got a nice drumsolo. Good performance.

I was a little bit afraid of how Wolves At The Gate would handle the mainstage. But they did a nice job. Only thing that became clear where the limitation from the screamer his screams weren’t that good and he missed the needed charima.

House Of Heroes was next on mainstage. This alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio US played a great set.

The pop-punk from Stellar Kart was next. But after a few songs we left. These sugarcoated songs were just not really my cup of tea.

I Am Empire was next on the sidestage. This time a saw the whole show and it didn’t disappoint. At some point of the show David Hostetter from Children 18:3 came on stage to sing allong. Great show.

In between I am Empire and Children 18:3 on the sidestage I saw some songs from HB on mainstage. The ballad version of ‘God has all glory’ sounded good.

Back to the sidestage for Children 18:3. Again they played a nice set. At the end of the show most of the people went to the mainstage to watch Red. But we stayed the whole set.

So Red was next on mainstage (we didn’t miss anything) and it was a great choice to make them the headliner. This time no fireworks like on Flevo. But there was no need for. They played a great set. The security had a busy night handling all the crowdsurfers. It was a nice way to end this festival!

Overall we had a great festival. The merchandise site was pretty small and a lot smaller than last years. But all the bands did a great job and the organization delivered a great festival.

More Pictures can be found HERE

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