The Devil Wears Prada @ Tivoli de Helling Utrecht, Netherlands (Tuesday July 2nd )


TDWPAfter the recording of their new album 8:18 (to be released 9-17-2013) TDWP did a tour amongst the European Summer Festivals. In between the festivals there were some headline shows from them. This show on a Tuesday evening was one of them.

It wasn’t very busy but for a normal day in the week there where a decent amount of people. For the opener of the evening Aliens Ate My Setlist was it the 3rd time in the Netherlands. But for the short time they are known here they have an enthusiastic following. So the small audience that was already there got short but energetic set. A small pit was started by some enthusiasts it was a nice warming-up for what was to come.

Aliens Ate My Setlist

Polar a melodic hardcore band from the UK was next. I was not familiar with the band and I think most of the audience wasn’t. At the start of the show everyone was kinda laidback but with the energy that was coming from the stage the crowd participated more. Downside for the band was their frontman. He came of as arrogant (asking for a wall of death with a pit that small is really unnecessary) and the many uses of the F-word were annoying me. But the music was fun and had a lot of energy.


Now it was time for the main band The Devil Wears Prada. The band started with allot of energy.
They started with “Mammoth” from their latest release “Dead Throne” directly after that “Escape” from the “Zombie EP” (I think their best release).

After a short ‘welcome’ they played a new song called “Gloom”. The song sounded really good. After the new song again a song from their latest album. The band played really tight but Mike the vocalist missed a few lines and his voice sounded better before. But all the energy made up for that. Overall the band played a fun show only downside to me was that they didn’t play any older song but only from their latest three releases. The new songs sounded great and the whole atmosphere was really good.


Dez Moines
Danger: Wildman
Dead Throne
Assistant to the Regional Manager
Born to Lose


I wanna thank the organizers from Brainstorm Festival, Tivoli and Mojo for their friendliness and hospitality!

Brainstorm Festival
The Devil Wears Prada

More pictures, can be seen here.

Video below The Devil Wears Prada – “Outnumbered” live in Tivoli, Utrecht

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