Christian Deathcore Band ‘As Earth Fades’ Releases New Single / Lyric Video for ‘The Great Falsehood’


Christian Deathcore Band As Earth Fades checked in with the following:

We are so thrilled to finally be able to share our new single ‘The Great Falsehood’ with you all! We have poured countless hours of our lives into writing, practicing and performing this song. We hope it gives you power to bang your head through brick walls. We hope it inspires you in some way. Most of all, we hope that it opens your mind to the spiritual realm and the very real but unseen battle for your soul.

He is the great deceiver. He offers an invisible freedom. Once he convinces you that you can do whatever your heart desires with no regard for God’s word, then you will soon realize that you have been scammed. The freedom that was promised was only the promise of a con-artist. He is the best at what he does so you didn’t notice anything while he was leading you to the edge of the precipice. You were just having a good time and enjoying life. Now it will only take a little push to knock you off the edge of eternity.

Who will escape his grasp and who will be devoured? This is the story of ‘The Great Falsehood’

Enjoy and please share it with anyone who you think might like the way we groove. Much love to you all, – Michael and Luke

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Lyric video for ‘The Great Falsehood’

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