‘Revulsed’ ‘Icons of Perversity’ – Guitar Playthrough Posted Online, Debut Album Due this Fall


revulsed-logoRevulsed is the new band of Australian extreme drummer Jayson Sherlock. Revulsed is born from inExordium in 2010. Their debut album which carries the title “Infernal Atrocity” will be released this fall. Check out ‘Icons of Perversity’ – Guitar Playthrough  below.

Cover art is created by Pär Olofsson. Pär is responsible for many incredible death metal covers for bands such as Psycroptic, The Faceless, Abominable Puridity and Abysmal Dawn.

Revulsed is Sheldon D’Costa – Guitars (inExordium, Incarnate, ex-Incursion, ex-Unforsaken), Jayson Sherlock – Drums (ex-Mortification, Horde, Parameacium, inExordium, Deliverance), Konstantin Lühring on vocals (Resection, ex-Despondency, ex-Gallery of Darkness, ex-Funeral Procession, ex-Suffocate Bastard (live)) and Mark Smith – Bass (Torture Kill, Severed Abortion).



Weblinks: Facebook

Video below: ‘Icons of Perversity’

Lyric video: ‘Agonising Putrid Self Infliction’

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