‘Mercy’ ‘The Seven Signs’ Entire Album Available For Streaming


mercy_logoBrazilian black metal band Mercy have released their new album “The Seven Signs” on August 23th. The entire album is available for streaming from their bandcamp page. [link can be found below].

Mercy is influenced by bands such as: Vaakevandring, Antestor, Dimmu Borgir, Lengsel, Sanctifica, Old Mans Child, Emperor, Extol.

The band consist of: Phillippe Levidad [ex Sabbatariam, ex Krig, Unnamed] – Band lead. Composes the musics, programs the drums and keyboards, writes the lyrics and records the guitars and the basics of the basses. Isaque Soares [ex Apeiron, ex Sabbatariam, Krig] – Records the hard-to-play bass parts, offers his studio for the project to record the songs, and does all the studio work. Daniel Corpse [ex Sabbatariam, ex Unnamed, ex Smash The System, Krig] – Records the vocals.

Mercy was formed in 2003 or something. We dunno for sure when it has really been born. Phillippe started composing some black metal music [understand this term only as the instrumental part], and then invited some Sabbatariam members to join the idea.

We all knew it would never turn out to a real band, and would stay only as a project. In 2004 we recorded our first song, called “Kingdom of Holiness”. The music was published in some extreme collections.

Mercy.the seven

1. The Seven Signs 01:14
2. The Woman 03:53
3. The Dragon 02:54
4. The Child 03:34
5. The Beast With Seven Heads 03:02
6. Beast Of The Sea 05:38
7. The Lamb And The 144,000 03:32
8. Lord God Almighty 04:07
9. Kingdom Of Holiness 03:42
10. Path Of Light 02:45
11. Beast From The Earth 03:04

Weblinks: Facebook / Bandcamp

Video below ‘Beast Of The Sea’

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