Chris Jones – “3 Song Acoustic” ep


Thumper Punk records continues their 3 song acoustic ep series, this time featuring Chris Jones formerly of Call to Glory and The Heroes.

ThumperPunk Records has long been known for its roster of great Christian punk rock bands but lately has taken on releasing a host of 3 song acoustic eps from various members of their bands and and wll known artists including Mike Stand.  In this case, Chris Jones makes his contribution to the series, blending punk, rock, and rockabilly in the collection of songs.  The songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Jason Diaz at Safe House Studios, Torrance, California.

Chris Jones  starts out the ep with a rockabilly-esque version of the classic gospel hymn “Amazing Grace” that brings in some other songs to the mix, almost using the hymns verses as a chorus.  The song has the old feel, and rhythm section that sounds very much like Johnny Cash’s band shuffling along.

“Rain Down” takes things in a more intimate direction as a worship and praise song that wouldn’t be out of place at a church service.  The music is slower paced and simple, allowing more of the attention and emotion to be put into the heartfelt words asking God to let your “spirit rain down on me”.

“Diamonds and Gold” closes out the ep and speeds things up a bit going back to the rockabilly feel that was present in “Amazing Grace”.  The tone and feel of the song does also bring in some country elements as well and Chris’s vocals are well suited for the genre with a certain country “twang”/accent and a bit of a punk attitude as one could imagine this song in particular working very well in a faster, distorted, non-acoustic arrangement.

Rating: 7/10

Written by John Jackson

1. Amazing Grace (Outlaw)
2. Rain Down
3. Diamonds and Gold

Band Members
Chris Jones – Vocals, all instruments

Record Label: Thumper Punk Records, Nov. 2017

Weblinks: Bandcamp

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