Unshackled – “The Overcoming Years”


Another release from Thumper Punk Records this time its Unshackled is a punk band from El Paso, Texas US. Their full-length ‘The Upcoming Years’ is a collection of 17 punk songs.

The feeling of this album is pretty fast. The artwork and production are really punk. It is pretty raw and not policed but it works. Sometimes it feel like if they recorded it in different places because sometimes the quality differs a little.

The lyrics on this album are pretty straight forward. This is a really good thing for a punk band. Topics like violence in the pit in “Hate Moshing” and the sex industry in “Take Everthing”. But they also sing about how Jesus was punk rock himself in “Jesus is Punk Rock”.

Lyrics from “Jesus is Punk Rock”:
Deep within the bowels,
of Punk Rock’s very soul,
beats the heart of rebellion
and raw Rock n’ Roll.
A man came to Earth,
and rebelled against His flesh.
He paid the price for Freedom,
n’ you already know the rest.
Je-sus-is-Punk Rock
He died for you!
Christian, Atheist, Jew!
He didn’t care about Religion,
All he did was just love you.
He wants us to unite.
To teach us wrong from right.
To make a stand against oppression
Shouting “PUNX UNITE!”
Je-sus-is-Punk Rock

Musically they make use of different styles of punk. There are songs that have more yelling vocals and in other songs the vocals are pretty raw. The use of different main vocalists makes it almost sound like a compilation of different bands. But the constancy of the style being played prevents it from falling into that trap. Some songs have more of a punk hardcore edge which reminds me a little bit of Minor Threat and some tracks are more of a pop punk style.

Overall this is a fun listen. If you like some street punk you will definitely enjoy this. But if you’re a more generally music lover or just more of a metalhead you will enjoy this for one spin. But it won’t be anything more than that.

Rating: 6/10

01 Intro
02 You Forgot Something
03 To Those Who Know Better (Grow A Pair)
04 Strength
05 Grave Saint Life
06 Land of the Dead
07 Take Everything
08 Jesus is Punk Rock
09 Beware My Pleasure
10 Born To Lose
11 Don’t Call Me Ugly
12 Ego
13 Human Decay
14 The Cards Your Dealt
15 Hate Moshing
16 Kingdom Times
17 Overcome

Joe Straightedge – vocals
Tick St. Grave – guitar, vocals
Connor Himself – guitar, vocals
Isaac Espinosa – bass, vocals
Eddie Trejo – drums, vocals

Demo (2010)

Label: Thumper Punk Records, August 2011

Weblinks: Myspace / Facebook / Twitter / Bandcamp


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