Choirs of Veritas – ”I Am The Way, The Truth, And Life”


Choirs of Veritas is a Christian Metal project from Milan, influenced by classical music, symphonic music and power metal. The name of the band literally means “Choirs Of Truth”, to symbolize the union between music and the spiritual truth attributable to Jesus Christ.

“I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life”[John 14.6].”

I Am The Way, The Truth, And Life” is Choirs of Veritas first full length album. A album that basically brings the love of music and God together, showing the love they have for the music and for God. The album does not splice words as to whether this is a Christian band or not. What we have here is a band that has a conviction in their beliefs for God and His Kingdom truths.

Throughout the release the keys are a stand out quality to the album, and in some ways for myself gives an 80’s edge to it. The primarily symphonic power metal, there seems to me to be some new wave British metal influences that line the coat tails of the band.

It’s an album that moves and sweeps in movements and fuelled by their love and passion for both God and the music, and this is evident throughout. “The searching” is one of my favourite tracks on the album with its driving beat. There are a few places throughout the album that were you want to put your fist in the air and sing with. This is a great platform for an album and they certainly have potential going forward.

Musically I cannot find much fault with the band, but I do find that Davide Schiavi who with no doubt is a good vocalist struggles with the higher notes. The song that crushes this release for me is the song, “Religiosity” where Davide Shiavi and mezzo-soprano Eliana Sanna join voices, and unfortunately their voices do not work well together. I think I can visualize what they were trying, but their voices do not match at all, giving big thumbs down from me. I am not trying to be harsh just factual. There are a lot of good ideas and visions on this album but in combination I find they don’t always work.

I take my hat off to the band on what they were trying to do here on this release; unfortunately I think it’s poorly executed in some instances. I do feel at least the heart of this release is in the right place though and I love the conviction of the band. I think overall the band had a plan and a vision and expectation of what they wanted, unfortunately as I listen to this with good intentions aside, this is not a great album for me, and I find myself in the position where I got to say that the album is somewhat mediocre, and yes there are those moments of light in this release, but not enough to save it. That said there is some great musical creativity coming from the artists individually, now they need to somehow find a way they are able to package it in such a way that actually works. I think all the ingredients are there, it’s now putting those ingredients together in such a way that a successful product is made from it. Remember just because you have the right ingredients, does not always mean it will come out perfect, and besides perfection is something that comes through innovation and practice, even time.

Rating 5/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

01. God First
02.  Ask Him
03.  The Searching
04.  Thank you
05.  Vanitas Vanitatum
06.  Miracles
07.  Religiosity
08.  I am the way. the Truth and the Life
09.  A New Commandment
10.  The Passion and the Cross
11.  He has Come to Forgive
12.  Grace (Mehida Cover)

Band Members
Davide Schiavi: Vocals
Eliana Sanna: Mezzosoprano
Davide Scuteri: Keyboardist/Composer
Roberto Curtoni: Guitars
Cesare Ferrari: Bass
Alessandro Baglioni: Flute

”I Am The Way, The Truth, And Life” (2017)

Weblinks: Facebook / iTunes

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission

Record Label Underground Symphony Records, March  2017

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