Safemode – “Gold Digger” EP


Safemode - Gold DiggerWhen it comes to the Swedish bands and other Nordic regions musicians, generally one can expect that the quality of music for some reason no matter what genre will deliver with high to insane musicianship, that barely has any opposition.

Now Metal-core is not my favorite form of genre, though I will admit over the last while been introduced to more of the bands involved in the scene, and bands that are on top of the totem pole concerning the genre, one begins to allow one or two bands to seep through the cracks for ones own listening pleasure.

No matter who or what I get to review I will always look at it in the most objective way possible to give my best impression regardless if its my cuppa tea or not. Just because I hate chocolate cake, does not mean everybody else must hate it, and just because I have a dislike to chocolate cake, does not mean that for all purposed argument that it does not taste good. Ferrari and Porsche’s are both great cars, but just because I am a Ferrari man, does not mean the Porsche is anything less than the same or even more than the Ferrari. It comes merely down to what you would prefer, rather than a out right dislike of the other.

The Swedish metalcore band Safemode returns After a 1 year hiatus, with a really strong 4 track EP called “Gold digger”. I think they have a very solid and tight unit of members and are at their strongest yet. “Gold digger” is a follow up of, “For a better tomorrow” from 2010. The band is on a charge to delivery their best, no doubt, and you can expect nothing less than I high quality delivery from one of the most popular musical genre’s out there. The album is a torrent of rampant and heavy riffs infused with the pulsating gnashing of super catchy choruses. Most metal-core is in fact a hybrid of other genres, hardcore been the number one contributor, next to the metal infusion. This album has something else that underlines its energy, that gives it its own unique characteristic in that they deliver it with a post hardcore feel with a punk under current influence (Another Day Will Haunt You) .

In conclusion this must be one of the better metal-core albums I have come across in awhile and is a great foundational footnote of possible things to come out of the SAFEMODE family in the future, and hoping we will get more than an EP to really get a feel of their sound next time round. The EP is well produced aided by a great vocalist / songwriter in Tjet Gustafssonthat of whom they need to hold on to, because that vocalist helps aid the whole sound excelling it to superior album, above the normal metal-core bands out there that are mere generic copies of others. This unique characteristic helps in it pushing past the hogwash of others in what is sadly a bloated genre with many over weight and similar sounding artists.

Though ultimately the tracks are very similar in terms of quality making it very difficult to pick a favorite or outline a specific song above the rest, I do find myself drawn to “Another day will haunt you” and “Gold digger : Sam”. If you into metalcore but tired of the usual rubbish, and looking for something that stands a part of the crowd with future potential, then I urge you to support these guys.

For fans of Fallout Boy, Demon Hunter and Blindside

Rating: 8/10

Written by Donovan de Necker

1 – Last Push
2 – Another Day Will Haunt You
3 – Gold Digger: Sam
4 – Pursuit Of Fame

Band members:
Tjet Gustafsson – lead vocals
Juuso Savolainen  – lead guitar
Jonatan Samuelsson – guitar, vocals
Joel Sörsäter – bass, vocals
Johannes Karlsson – drums

Record Label: JONOmedia, Oct. 2013

“Die To Live”, 2009
“For a Better Tomorrow”, 2011 [review]
“Gold Digger”, 2013

Buy the album here:
Holland: First Paradox
Norway: Nordic Mission
USA: Metal Helm

Weblinks: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Video below ‘Gold Digger’


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