Christageddon – Metal Unblack


Christageddon - Metal UnblackAfter a long wait, and some delays in the release date, the American duo Richard Vomiting and Kristian McKinney launches the first Christageddon album, called Metal Unblack.

The project is very cool, because in addition of the 10 tracks from Christageddom, there is a tribute to Horde (“Anonymous” better known as Jayson Sherlock, drummer for the Australian death metal band Mortification and the current drummer of Deliverance).

The album contains 7 tracks, with a total playing time of 72 minutes of pure black metal attack. The tracks bear the main influence of Horde with some songs that could certainly be a second album of the project, such as ‘Defending the throne of Y.H.W.H’, ‘Baptized In Sacred Blood’ and ‘Carry my cross’.

It is also noticed some hints of bands like A Hill To Die Upon, Vomoth, Crimson Moonlight,  but all such influences without sounding like a cheap copy of these groups. About the “Tribute” tracks? Well as I said before, this are songs from Horde , don’t have as a band style do something wrong. Of course it does not exceed the original, but the band make a good work in this tribute. The lyrics are purely evangelistic and often bring Bible verses in their composition. The vocals from Richard reminds me sometimes on the vocals of Cerimonial Sacred and Amanda Brotto from Hawthorn. The instruments developed by Kristian are well executed and their arrangements are consistent with the style, and the tone used in drum machine is not enough to hurt the ears as in many other albums. The production is also ok, although the vocals are in the background in relation to the instruments.

For those who want to purchase the album, you have to hurry because there were only 100 copies available.

Highlights for me are ‘Defending the throne of Y.H.W.H’, ‘Baptized in sacred blood’, ‘The Lamb of God Shall Rise’ and the title track ‘Christageddon’ (Metal Unblack).

Rating: 8/10

Track listings.
1. At the dawn of war
2. Defending the throne of Y.H.W.H
3. The Lamb of God shall rise
4. Baptized in sacred blood
5. Psalm of eternal hope
6. Carry my cross
7. Full armor of God
8. Christageddon – Metal Unblack
9. Satanic forces burned to ashes
10. At the throne of judgment

An Unblack Metal Tribute To Horde
Bonus Material 2011
11. A church bell tolls admist the frozen nordic winds
12. Mine heart south beseech thee o Master
13. An abandoned grave bathes softly in the falling moonlight
14. Thine hour hast come
15. Behold, the rising of the scarlet moon
16. Weak, feeble and dying antichrist
17. Invert the inverted crossClick this link to preorder a autographed copy of Metal Unblack

Band members:
Kristian McKinney – All Instruments and Lyrics
Richard Vomiting – Vocals and Lyrics

Record Label: InChrist Records, July 2013

Weblinks: Website / Reverbnation / Facebook

Video below “Metal Unblack” Album Trailer

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